Our Bunker video spoof!!! 😃

by Christian Gutierrez 17 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Love it! What makes your videos so great is that you still look like JWs, there's no bitterness and ranting. Just reason and humour.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Great video! Enjoyed watching with my wife last night.

    Your sincerity and humility shine through in all of your videos.

  • wheelwithinwheel

    Awesome...loved the skit!

    "We're going to have to sell you" really great line!

  • new boy
    new boy

    Good job guys. It seems the younger generation is getting it so much more quicker then the older generations did.I think kids are a lot smarter now a days. They seem to be able to spot bull shit much easier then us.

  • Christian Gutierrez
    Christian Gutierrez

    Yes that's true! The Internet is killing this organization. The younger generation are more curious and less paranoid on doing research.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    LOL - very funny!

  • Dagney

    Very good and well spoken. You have a nice inviting way of speaking that will appeal to many who are searching.

    The dog bit was really funny! Not far from the truth...the old "Paradise Lost" book shows a dog falling into a huge crevice at Armageddon. We had a thread about it on here years ago, "what did the dog do" was the feeling by many. lol.

  • KateWild

    Wonderful video.....I really enjoyed watching it.


    Kate xx

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