Who stands to benefit from the JW scam

by cognitivedizzy 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • OnTheWayOut

    Just because Watchtower doesn't have a current L.Ron Hubbard character doesn't mean that nobody benefits from the scam.

    The men at the top worked in the trenches and slaved for the organization as pioneers of some sort. Then they got their golden ticket. It may not be quite the same as being billionaires, but being likened to JW rockstars is better for them than walking away would be. Ray Franz could write, and he wrote some books. Still, he didn't make money hand over fist. The current lot in the Ivory Tower are not able to write nearly as well as Ray, and they know it.

    So traveling on someone else's dime, staying in hotels when they travel (they don't stay in some lowly publisher's second bedroom), having people practically worship them- that's pretty good for them. Plus, someone cleans behind them and they get to award lawyers and realtors and contractors big paychecks and have them grovel at their feet.

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