Some thoughts on the new midweek meeting

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  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    One other thing to add to this - the watchtower study this sunday has a section praising the theocratic ministry school (Nov 15 Wt pages 29,30).

  • LostGeneration

    This thread warms my heart. What a blessing from Jah!

    So let me understand this correctly, every week there are three different demonstrations? Are these assigned weeks out like a talk used to be?

    The reason I ask is that whenever I used to do the "announcements" or any other part that required a demo, people would flat out refuse me. It was the hardest thing to recruit people for that! I don't know if they just hated having to stand up there, or if it was just the fact that they were so far off from reality compared to the usual real world experience at the door.

    Three demos every single meeting sounds horrible.

  • All for show
    All for show
    My mom- who will find any excuse to not go to meeting- Came over to tell my husband how amazing the new meeting was...blah blah blah. Funny enough- it is almost February and she hasn't been to but one of these meetings! So amazing you say!?
  • dbq407

    Funny cause i actually had this discussion this morning. All individuality is gone now, the new songs are a clusterf*ck, the silhouette videos suck, all in all i'm pretty pleased with it :) Hopefully it'll speed up people waking up!

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    I attended my first CLAM this week - principally because I was curious about the local needs item as info about it was leaked on another thread.

    On the whole, there is no accommodation for any individuality / creativity. I found it all rather banal. If the GB is hoping to positively address the often reported trough in midweek meetings, then they may well be disapppointed.

    I noted that the item about ministry involved three short videos. The brother taking the item in my congregation was a young MS. He seemed uncomfortable with the item. After the 2nd video he placated the audience with the assurance - - "Don't worry, there's only one more".

    None of the Bro's giving items seemed there usual enthused selves. I may not have noticed but for being sparse in my attendance.

  • TheListener

    Nicholaus, did he really say this from the platform?:

    Don't worry, there's only one more

    That is so unbelievable; not only that he said it but that he felt comfortable saying it to the congregation from the platform.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Oh yes - he really said it from the platform. Quite spontaneous too. Got some giggles from the audience in response. His statement reminded me of the cliché - "Half in fun, whole in earnest!". It's also a little indication of the deep down incredulity with which some people receive condescending video's put together by individuals who are essentially institutionalised and divorced from any consideration of a real life. It would have been much better if it were left to local Bro's to deal with the matter in a way which is culturally appropriate and sensitive rather than this highly centralised and "one size fits all" approach. Then again, their emanencies of the GB and their Holy Helpers know best! (Oops! Sarcasm creeping in!)
  • Bobcat


    Now let's follow along with our "Bible Study" from the Faithful book, about things that might have, could have, probably did, and evidently took place.

    My wife and I went over this book together at home. I thought it was a fairly 'safe' one. But the plethora of weasel words was just overwhelming. It has more of the writing format of a newspaper opinion page.

    By the way, Tech49, I think of you every time the FX channel plays the movie Oblivion, which they've been doing recently.


  • blondie
    If this was answered already, are comments solicited at the public talk?
  • OneEyedJack

    Pardon me if I get some terms wrong, I havent attended, but my dad is the COBE now and I know he was stressed out when he talked to me about it. He basically said that the Chairman has to run the entire meeting now, and has to prepare all the parts in case someone doesnt show up, and that he gets no break.

    Their meeting is on Tuesday, and he spends half the weekend working on it, and doesnt want to be bothered monday or tuesday as hes trying to get it ready. He's retired, so he has some time to work on it, but I feel awful for him and especially for the brothers that have to work for a living and do this. It sounds extremely stressful.

    Isn't there some scripture about not being overly burdened or something along those lines? The freaks at bethel are so out of touch with what the average JW has to do to keep their home in order, but they just don't care about the friends anymore.

    And they wonder why they have a hard time getting the young ones to reach out.

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