Preach or Tithe- Publishers choice

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  • All for show
    All for show

    My siblings and I have been talking about the money woes. We have thrown around the idea for them to keep the preaching/pioneer arrangement to keep some busy. To increase cash flow they can institute a new tithing arrangement. Of course not under that name, since they are 'better' than christendom.

    Heres a possibility. The GB will be so loving and sympathetic to the difficulty of the economy and those struggling. Bills, cost of living, getting a job, retaining a job and the like are now so difficult they have instituted 'New Light'

    Preach/Pioneer as usual, these people tend to be low in funds and already don't donate much if, at all. Those working, with decent income and cash flow, aren't in the ministry as much or pioneering regularly because they are naughty and chasing the almighty dollar. Boom. They can tithe their money and still be good with God, just as good as a Pioneer. They will have any publisher count time for merely mentioning they are a JW, not eating birthday cake, not going to the xmas party, all these things will be counted as a witness and time witnessing. This will be the reason for decreases in magazine placement, RVs, and bible studies. Everyone wins.

    Anythings possible right?

  • fukitol
    They already have a tithing arrangement of sorts, in the form of a committed regular congregation donation for a set amount. They'll never institute individual tithing. Would backfire badly.
  • TimDrake1914
    I would love for this happen, because it will only lead to another nail in the WT coffin.
  • All for show
    All for show

    Fukitol, I know of this arrangement. I am thinking of a future move to cover lots of needs. Decrease in stats, cash flow, an disillusionment/burn out.

    I would love to see who goes after careers with tithing vs who pioneers/slaves for free.

  • All for show
    All for show
    I think many would rather have a 'fee' to release them from this field service burden. In our family/friend circle per older relatives---they all know service is a huge waste of time and resources. Once people can opt out without guilt, wow, what would really happen? one can dream.
  • Athanasius
    Maybe the GB could devise a Watchtower version of selling indulgences. Or instead of reproving anddisfellowshipping, have the repentant JW pay a fine, the amount based on the seriousness of the sin.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I think the May 2014 congregation donation arrangement was a precursor, or a feeling-out kind of sorts to set-up a 10% tithing basis.
  • stuckinarut2

    They have already often written about "exemplary" families who decide to commit a certain amount Each's been in quite a few articles and platform parts...

    The concept of a "set committed amount" is being pushed....

  • blondie
    The WTS says that "so-called" Christians have that arrangement already....paid clergy, they pay somebody to do the preaching for them.
  • OnTheWayOut

    Stop giving the Watchtower such good ideas. I can see this happening, but it will take some major changes in attitude because JW's are so high on claiming they are so different from Christendom.

    They have sent the Bethelites "into the field." They have the special pioneers now as pioneers, they can talk about how there are so many doing so much. But the biggest problem is money. (God is so bad with money) The average Joe who cannot pioneer- they don't need him standing by the cart/table. They need him working, and donating the overtime.

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