Introduction - Any Believers?

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  • NeverKnew

    I'm a believer as well Non and never been a JW and do not understand the need to subscribe to one system.

    I attended Jewish summer camps and after school programs in elementary school, a Presbyterian middle school, a Catholic High School, a Catholic University, was confirmed Episcopalian but regularly attend Baptist churches.

    Growing up I never realized what a blessing all that was until I met my JW cousins and started revisiting friends I had known were JWs.

    ....And here I am.

  • freddo

    I'm am "not sure" and working at being content in being "not sure".

    If there is a creator (who may have created life and guided evolution or a mix of the two or whatever) I have to say I do not see any evidence of one who retains (if ever there was any) a benevolent or helpful or active interest in or support of mankind.

  • DesirousOfChange

    also can't rap my head around this idea that a loving God would let mankind go through the suffering we have.

    Welcome to this board!

    Frankly, I WANT TO BELIEVE. As a JW, I was a devout "believer" for decades. I thought the "science" of evolution was crap. After all, I read all those deeply studied books produced by the WTS (The Evolution Book, The Creation Book, The Creator Book). In only the past few years did I realize all the blatant misquotes and twisted quotes in the WT publications. They lied.

    If you have to lie to defend your beliefs, then your beliefs are probably a lie.

    I can see no evidence of God's love and concern for mankind. Yes, the beauties of "creation" and the beauty of all things on this planet and beyond are awesome. But is there evidence that it was all created? I'm no longer so certain. In fact, I'm doubtful.

    But I'm not doubtful about the fact that there is no evidence of a "loving creator" who demonstrates his love by caring for humankind. I would not a allow a 2-year old boy to be attacked by an alligator, drowned, and saved underwater for a future meal. (Just to cite a recent incident in the news.) This list is endless. Where is God?

    Evidently , God helps Serena Williams win at tennis (according to her), but He doesn't answer the prayer of those who have children dying of famine, or malnutrition, or disease.


  • Believer

    Hi Tor, nice to meet you. You clearly have a great passion for your belief in God and the Bible. There are so many creeds and belief systems that people cherish. Unfortunately, it’s the creeds that divide us and lead to futile debates. I’d like to keep the conversation about God, not necessarily religions or creeds. We can surely find fault with all religions and religious books. But if there is a God (which I believe there is), we should be able to find him by some spiritual mechanism supported by actual facts since no true fact would be in opposition to the reality of God.

    Thanks HumblePotato for the welcome.

    StartingOver, I was a convert. Fortunately, no one in my family ever converted so when I left, it was much easier for me.

    DJS, WOW, you came out of the gate fighting! And with a lack of knowledge about me and my beliefs, too. No need to hand me my ass. Unfortunately, it seems to follow me wherever I go! I believe you must have read a lot, but surely you haven’t read everything. So there are probably some things you don’t know. And maybe those things you don’t know are the things that could put to rest your distress about God, the universe and the reality of life. But it is not my intent to get into a heated debate with you, and certainly not so soon. I just wanted to know if there are believers here and if they wouldn’t mind talking about why they still believe.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray
    ok let's say we come from why haven't we met anyone who just became a human (someone walking around naked & saying...Hey, I just evolved from being a Monkey, what's this human thing about (LOL....why are monkey's still monkey's...

    Please tell me you're kidding...

  • cofty

    Believer do you think anybody actually believes in god because of objective evidence?

    PS _ I think DJS was responding to Tor

  • Believer

    Coffy, you said “Not sure what you mean by "spiritual things"? (I don’t know how to put the highlights like you did.) What I mean by spiritual things are: things that are not material. Since I believe in God, I conclude that he is not alone. He must have created other beings that are more like him. That could include angels and other beings that are not made of flesh and blood. And since we don’t have the capacity to experience spiritual things through our senses, who knows what other spiritual things there might be. As a note, the Bible speaks of things that are made of a “more enduring substance.” That would be the spiritual stuff.

    Man, I did not expect so many responses so soon. I have to go now, but I will be back later. So sorry. But I’m really glad I took the ‘leap of faith’ and logged on!

  • sparrowdown

    Hello Believer, there are a few here who have a belief in God and who are happy to talk about it. But, mostly I get the impression there is a mixed bag.

    You got people who still believe in the JW God, you got people who believe there is a creator but not necessarily the one JWs have invented, people who turned to Jesus, people who are unsure and people who prefer knowing to believing.

    I also get the feeling there may be a few who are closet believers in God .......

    and you probably got a few Beliebers also.

  • Believer

    Coffy, I thought I saw a much longer post for DJS with a couple paragraphs directed at me. Maybe he edited it down. I guess that's good! Bye for now.

  • DJS

    Thanks Cofty, but I was also responding to Believer. If you are being led or driven by your emotions, you will respond emotionally when things don't go your way. And this site will make you 'feel' beat down.

    I suggest a new strategy R2. Put your emotions, feelings, beliefs and whatever biased thoughts you have about everything on the shelf (or better flush them down the toilet), and open your mind to evidence, facts, and being rational about subjects. It is difficult. I understand. I struggle with it at times as well.

    That includes everything in life in addition to debating on We atheists continue to preach (like that word?) that an evidence based life is the best life and the only course that's going to advance our species.

    The sooner we can leave religion behind, as it has been practiced for thousands of years, the better our species and our planet will be.

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