Found Another Medieval Coin This Evening

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    It must be a hobby where you can't go out thinking you are going to win the cup-final, instead you must spend hours thinking where is the next decent find coming from. So bringing this back to Jehover Witness related, it must be like door knocking, and those that care, find the treasure.

    I think anyone who has a harmless hobby is COOL. It can make life FUN.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Another great find, Cofty.

    I live on a rural estate that appears in the records as far back as the 11th century ... It was the property of Norman Knights since soon after the Conquest - was the place inhabited before 1066, i.e. would there be any chance of finding Anglo-Saxon objects?

    I gotta admit, Anglo-Saxon times, the Norman Conquest, and medieval times up until c. 1500 (the Normans and Plantagenet kings) are my favourite periods of British history.

  • jaydee

    ...I too, hope to find some buried treasure

    Image result for blackadder baldrick i have a cunning plan

  • blondie
  • slimboyfat

    Thanks for the explanation. I would like to do that. These machines are bound to get more and more sophisticated. I wonder if or when technology will reach a point of being able to catalogue all of the objects on the face of the planet, and in the soil, and what hid treasures and knowledge might be uncovered then.

  • nicolaou

    Very cool.

  • cofty
    have you ever scoured beaches, or is it not worthwhile? - The Searcher

    Your username would be perfect for a detecting forum!

    I haven't done beaches but it is quite popular. You will find modern coins and jewelry and a lot of fishing tackle. I'm more interested in history. It would be an option in the spring and summer when all the fields are under crop.

    Blondie - Series 1 was very good. They captured a lot of the nuance of detectorists who are somewhere between amateur archeologists and stamp collectors. Second series was disappointing.

    Tornapart - Finding a trove is always the dream. It was not uncommon to bury hoards in order to keep them safe. Then the owner died and it was never recovered. Yes I love TIme Team. I reckon they could do a good episode here where I live.

    was the place inhabited before 1066, i.e. would there be any chance of finding Anglo-Saxon objects?

    Yes it is listed in the records along with two other local villages as part of a Saxon "Thanage" I have yet to find anything Saxon but I am confident it will happen. There is also a crop mark of an Iron Age enclosure on the boundary of the estate. You can see part of the circular double ditch & ramparts in the pic below.

    Here is a flint knife, probably paleolithic that I found about 50 yards from where I am sitting now. You can see the percussion marks where it was shaped by a hammer stone. I found one of those too! Amazing to imagine somebody walking by this spot and dropping their favourite penknife before some people even believe humans existed. It is a beautiful fit in my hand.

  • Landy

    Good find cofty.

    I lost a pound in the garden a month or two back, I don't suppose ....... nah, never mind. ;)

  • cofty

    Landy - I found it. Got me 3 minutes on the jet wash

  • Landy

    Lol :)

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