I was ashamed

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I'm not ashamed. I think you might be being a little dramatic.

    For me it wasn't about praying or hoping for anyone to die . It was about the fact that God already had plans set in place to rid the earth of the wicked who were causing all the problems for mankind. He was going to do this anyway and offered everlasting life on a perfect earth to anyone who could prove they love righteousnes by living by his standards as best they could, now. The idea was to go to meetings, learn how to do his will, surround yourself with other who were doing the same and wouldn't tempt you to stray. The other objective was to spread this to others so that they could do the same.

    The whole thing was about god once and for all fixing the pain and suffering of man. The problem I have is that it seems to me, there must be a more humane way to do it without killing practically every man woman and child on earth in the process. I can think of a half a dozen ways without even trying. The other problem came about when the leaders of the religion intervened in other people's relationship with God and used their desire to serve him and live forever as a way of controlling them for their own benefit or just because it was the only authority they ever had in this world.

  • ducatijoe


    Many of us here were born into this sick thinking. Our parents hopefully thought it was in our best interests to believe that way.

    Yet how grateful we are to now truly know "the truth"

    Many of those million we wished death upon are wonderful people. People who love and care for others. People who have helped many of us pass through into the light of being free.

    When ever I read post like yours it reminds me of the loved ones I have lost by expressing my disagreement with the way I once believed. I still love them. And now I have love and empathy for countless more.

  • Happeanna

    I am not being dramatic in the least bit, (dramatic is being pretend) plus I am no longer ashamed , I know now how brainwashed I had been

    i was simply stating how I felt when the realisation dawned.

    That as a family we had been praying for in effect the death of the majority of the world for nearly 35 years, waking up to the fact of how horrendous that would actually be.

    It is appalling that in the 1970's. I looked around at all my classmates and everyone I met in the "world" and believed they would be gone if they did not only believe in God , but love him , whilst believing he was going to kill all those non believers , including family members.

    That for me was shameful

  • Rosemarie

    What you were praying for was a world where a little starving African child is not about to be eaten by a waiting vulture.

    For men and women not to have their brains and innards blown out at war.

    Not to be blown into little pieces of unreconizable bloody pulps of flesh..that the dogs eat.

    For tiny little children not to be physically and mentally abused and beaten.

    For little children not to be ripped when being sexually brutalized...and tortured to death

    you were praying for the child trafficking from Africa in small children being stolen for human sacrifices in Englamd and other lands ....where they keep the child alive and screaming for as long as possible as it makes the demons happy and they receive more power. Wake up to yourself! The bulk of the world is in agony ....no witness that I have ever known wants the death of anybody.....your talking stupidity

    anyway you may not have to wait for too much longer the way men are behaving .....

    iF you don't believe in a God..it looks like we are pretty close to a catastrophic world wide event ......if you do believe in God....then he will step in otherwise there will be no flesh left on the earth

    stop worrying about what other witness do or don't do...did the apostles give up because they had a Judas amongst them...


  • Makemeanunbeliever
    It's the creators ballgame. He can do as he pleases. Hey and just maybe, if he did create all living beings and the universe he just may know what he is doing.
    It's the creators ballgame. He can do as he pleases. Hey and just maybe, if he did create all living beings and the universe he just may know what he is doing.....Makemeanunbeliever
    ..............I Really Screwed Up...

    .......Creating Jehovahs Witnesses..

    ..........WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!
    Image result for Angry Godhttp://lh4.ggpht.com/0fy1DfJvlRQ84x14L9qwjtlqWYB2FoLxU1vzRLxrebb3AIlXOC_sVkG16TgTqgHakT8F5hf0OwWJwMFMkmYImjtW

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Happeanna 24 minutes ago

    I am not being dramatic in the least bit, (dramatic is being pretend) plus I am no longer ashamed , I know now how brainwashed I had been

    Sorry....no of course you're not...it was too late for me to edit my comment after I read it and realized how harsh it sounded. What I mean to say is that you don't need to feel ashamed at all. We were all presented with the idea that God's only solution to solve man's problems was to wipe most of them out. We were also taught that we have no business saying whether or not he is right in doing so. We were taught that it was our duty to warn others or be part of the destruction ourselves. We didn't want anyone to die nor did we hope for this. What we wanted is an end to mankind's suffering and death and cleansing the earth of wicked people was the only way it could happen. We were taught that for the good of the greater number, this is what had to happen. In a skewed round about way, without realizing it, hoping for peace on earth meant that we were hoping for the death of millions.

    I don't feel any shame for this. I was a child when this was all presented to me. I think for most of us here, once we knew better, we changed.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I'm ashamed that I allowed my thinking to be shaped without question, but I'm not ashamed to say I'd still love to see people's pain, death, and daily sufferings come to an end, especially if those things are being deliberately caused by evil scumbags who deserve to be transported to an isolated island and forced to live as an isolated community.

    Let them experience the same treatment and attitudes which they delight in meting out to innocents.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    it makes me wonder how many converts the watchtower would get--if the armageddon / new world package had never been part of the deal.
  • KateWild

    Well I was always of the belief that Jehovah was just and save all good hearted people even if they were not witnesses as he can read hearts, and that some JWs with bad hearts would be destroyed.

    All nonsense of course but I never prayed for other innocent people to die

    Kate xx

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