Jehovah's Vatican Scandal?

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    Based on the Australia numbers, one could project the following:

    Australia 68,000 publishers - 1006 perpetrators - 1830 victims

    Globally 8,000,000 pubs - 118,000 perpetrators - 215,000 victims

    If you had kids in a religion this relatively small, that would scare the shit out of me.

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  • mrmagic

    LoisLane and LongHair you both have made a point that I did not think of earlier - which is that for JW culture it's much worse to be a "snitch" and a whistleblower than to actually be a pedophile. The pedophile naturally has an interest in keeping their pedophilia and the 2 witness rule secret. So this is in line with the JWs. But the whistleblower may "stumble" "worldly" people out of "the truth" by exposing the pedophilia, especiallly if they are/were a victim.

    Did not think about this, but it is absolutely true. Thanks for that.

    As for the people who want to disagree that the incidents of child sexual abuse within Jehovah's Witnesses is not higher than Catholic church or other religions, cool. Your thoughts are valid.

    Everyone's thoughts are valid. Have found that those that are in a hurry to disagree and prove you wrong, often either fizzle out or end up bringing some valuable new piece of information to the table. :)

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