Special Pioneer Vow Of Obedience And Poverty Contract - Is This Legit?

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  • stuckinarut2

    I had to sign something like that also in 1994 when I entered Bethel.

    It was STRESSED to us that we could not do any secular work while at Bethel (except on our holidays) We only got 1 day holiday for every month worked. ie so 12 days in total each year.

    I did not have family with money to support me, so I had to use all my vacation days to do work window cleaning just to pay the expenses of running a car. (We got a small vehicle allowance but it wasn't enough to cover costs) And we couldn't live without a car here in that part of Sydney

    But some Bethelites had secret jobs after hours (like in a petrol station). When it was found out, they would be severely disciplined.

    It all seems so culty and high-control now. But back then we thought it was normal!

  • Chook
    That is a slave contract. Welcome to the “ order “ brother . It’s all done so as to not have to feed you if you plan to leave the chains.
  • jwfacts

    I signed an older version of this in 1991 when I entered Bethel. While at Bethel I earned money doing accounting work each year around tax time, which I advised the Branch Committee about.

  • scratchme1010
    Special Pioneer Vow Of Obedience And Poverty Contract - Is This Legit?

    You got your answer, seems like it is. Talk about making a pact with the Devil!

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