Are the younger generation taking on roles in the Cong?

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  • waton
    A recent co at an assembly actually said from the platform that the wt has lost a whole generation of ms, pioneers and elders. The young just don't want it and really who can blame them? pp

    Of course there are personality types that thrive on "taking the lead", subjugating others, and those are the ones that do damage to the flock. They also do not want to relinquish, share power, and hold back those same minded young ones that are pushing up, working the mikes, fiddle the knobs.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Are The Younger Generation Taking On Roles In The Congregation?

    I would be inclined to think that fewer youth are reaching out simply because of the information age that we live in today. Too many young ones are too/soo tech savvy that it's way too easy for them to stumble across anti-JW persuasive discussions. As the old expression goes..."curiosity killed the cat"...and what young one isn't curious?

    For a young one...learning firsthand (online) that the JW religion is a lemon can be a real downer!

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    young, jobless (or part-time windows cleaners, nothing under their hat... and regular pioneers! Perfect candidates for quick appointment! Others have gone !

  • sir82

    Out of a typical bunch of JW males at say, age 15, I'd say 1 in 10 at most will have some sort of "appointed position" by the time they reach 30.

    Of the other 9, 5 or 6 will have left altogether, and the other 3 or 4 will be "social JWs", coasting along for the social connections but not taking the religion even remotely seriously.

  • loneranger

    sir on

  • loneranger

    In my congo...ave age of elders is 74...pioneers is 64....MS....59....not many young ones there or if so "reaching out"...some stay as social with education and thus limited job prospects...lazy, no couple aged 26 pioneers..relatively new to our congo...their congo was recently dissolved....he has a decent blue collar job skill and is gainfully up regularly..LDC workers....decent comments..seem to be quiet but pleasant enough....looked upon by elders as an "endangered species" type...guarded...kiss their butt (for now)...CBOE says..."just what the CO and WTS are looking for"..must cultivate and harbor at all costs...screw anyone else...does it ever change??

  • eyeuse2badub

    I'm very happy to report that even though I "raised" my 3 boys in the "troof", none of them are "reaching out"! In general, the younger ones don't give a sh*t about da troof! IMHO!

    just saying!

  • Joliette

    Yeah a lot of people born in 1990 and onward are leaving jws.

  • Vidiot
    breakfast of champions - "...the Society -- with their endless rules and requirements (including no women in congregation 'roles'), their culture of surveillance and judgement, and their endless assault on education -- have set themselves up to ultimately fail..."

    Hard to argue with.

    Sometimes I suspect they actually did it subconsciously so that any success (in spite of all that) would therefore "prove" that they had "God's blessing".

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I think there are a lot of PIMI who are almost PIMO as they look at some of the "odd" things like skirts only, beards, no schooling, no overtime. Add in the elders who will always have more experience looking down on whippersnappers and things are stagnant.

    Add in the CO bragging about all the things and travels he has done, a lot of people can see he hasn't ever paid his own way and resent it.

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