Any regrets whilst you were in the Org

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  • lurkernomore

    Not having gone to University has got to be my number 1 gripe, oh and telling a number of people to kindly [email protected]$k off and mind their own business, although to be fair that was more in my younger years. JW'S are so freaking nosey!

  • smiddy

    When i was in my late teens early 20`s I joined a judo club , prior to my becoming involved with the witnesses .

    I was involved with this club for about a year and thouroughly enjoyed my participation in the club.

    Of course , it became a no no to continue on with my activities if I wanted to progress in the "truth"

    I coulda been a contender !

  • Ozman

    I unfortunately assisted my cousin in over 30 years ago. He no longer talks with us. I think back about the urgency I expressed to him about 'the end' & how wonderful it was to 'have the truth'. Doh!

  • TheWonderofYou

    I intended to register for a dancing class. But my biblestudy leader talked it out of me.

  • Landy

    Just the wasted years. That said I was a born in and didn't have a lot of choice. Stopped going in my early 20s.

  • exjwlemming

    It's bad enough that I handicapped myself in my life by being a pawn in the borg. I regret ever having a role in indoctrinating my 2 kids in this abusive cult. Even though they currently don't see it, I have crippled them in the ability to have a normal, free, non-judgmental life by not serving this controlling, manipulative, abusive cult. I envy those that were "weak" in the truth and let their kids grown up in a normal environment, get an education, and be self sufficient, well adjusted, critical thinkers instead of parroting the bull**** that emanates and radiates as "new" light from the malevolent despots in their east coast ivory tower. I wish I had a time machine and could go back and stop the minions that called on my mother who bought into this degenerate, religious ecosystem...better yet, for the world, stop Russell or Rutherford for duping millions of people for over a century.

  • WTWizard

    All the time I wasted spreading damnation books and littera-trash to people. Every rag, every waste of paper, every LIE-ble, every book--all going to the damnation of the whole human race. Every donation I ever made also went to the damnation of the whole human race. Just showing up for the boasting sessions contributed psychic energy toward the damnation of the whole human race, every boasting session. And every time I showed up for field circus, regardless of whether I placed any of the rubbish or not, donated more psychic energy to the extinction and/or enslavement of the whole human race.

    I would rather take Gehenna instead. As for making it to Hell (really, the planets around the stars making up the Belt of Orion, where Satan and the Demons live), I can only hope that donating all that psychic energy and LIE-ble placements doesn't blow that. At least Hell is a protected place where souls can rest, with relatively dim light comparable to being in a place lit with Christmas lights. Heaven, on the other hand, is where joke-hova makes meals out of souls--which is why it is so blindingly light.

    And I hope I do not get negative reincarnation energy from the programming I received as a jokehovian witless. Not so much as payback for bad deeds done, but as a direct result of being around such foul association and having to forgo everything that would have helped my soul. I don't want another lifetime where Venus is in Aries or Virgo, with a yod between two other planets, and Saturn alone in my fifth house. Joke-hova can take that and shove it, and take its damnation books and feed those to heaven instead.

  • Absolutesbeginners

    Regrets to didnt "wake up" before my 20 yo . ( 12 would have been better . could have done it )

    Regrets that i went to the dirty swimming pool at around 15 or 16 een

    Regrets to didnt have the strength to say to my parents " NO i dont go "door to door" this saturday . and NEVER again too "

    Regrets to lost a childhood and even more a teenage time feeling guilty most of the time .( and maybe... still now ?? )

    Regrets that i didnt hide a full time record device in the "elders meeting room" ..(there was "good catch" to do..)..( to toast their ass big time .... and after asking them with a shark smile, where do i send my record now ? police first or press first ? what do you prefer ? both maybe ?? )

    Regrets that when i wrote my "good bye letter"to the "body of elders" i said " sorry to leave" in it ....( was still kind of afraid i guess ....) should have write "keep your crap rules forever, you stupid and blind windows washers ! " ( i have nothing against normal windows washers btw ; ) )

    Regrets that i had not internet at the time !!


    Kiss to all !! regrets can be there sometimes, but not always , life is today and tomorrow , not 20 years ago !!

    but if the "time machine" arrives one day , i buy my ticket !!

    and i will go back with a " shark smile" and "shark tooth "

  • Tallon

    Thanks for commenting, folks.

    I share a number of your regrets however, as Landy mentioned, it's the wasted years. Unfortunately there's no way of getting them back - water under the bridge now.

  • snugglebunny

    My biggest regret was staying pure with my Claudia Cardinale look-alike girlfriend..

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