Any regrets whilst you were in the Org

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  • Tallon

    The biggest regret I have is of 'shunning' persons who were disfellowshipped and for 'marking' ones deemed as bad association.

    There's no way I can approach these people to ask them for forgiveness as I've emigrated to another country however, by this post I'd like it to be known.

  • ToesUp

    Yes...I wish my parents never joined!

  • OneEyedJoe

    Same here. Worst thing I did was not inviting a couple of my cousins to my wedding. They'd never even been baptized, but since they were raised in the cult and were dating (and presumably sleeping with) lots of worldly guys, my whole family decided that they might as well be disfellowshiped since they knew better.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    Getting baptised whilst full of doubts.

    Before baptism I was told the questions I had would be answered 'in God's due time'.

    After baptism I was told that some questions I had wouldn't be answered till after Armageddon.

    These questions required answers before dedication. Stupidly went ahead anyway. How foolish I was...

  • Xanthippe

    Yeah that I didn't get out at 16 when I thought the ransom sacrifice doctrine didn't made sense. Note to self, if something doesn't make sense it doesn't matter if millions believe it, reject it.

  • Vidiot

    Tallon - "Any regrets whilst you were in the Org?"

    I don't think we have enough server space.

  • Ucantnome

    I regret things I should have done, like in education but I have no regrets about how I was when I was a JW.


    I regret being born in the ORG. I regret being ignorant of a great many things, espescially the real world. I regret not following my dreams. I regret turning my back on a girl who loved me, just so I could marry a cult member instead. Sounds mean, I guess, but it's true. We're it not for the cult,.....

    I also regret shunning a close relative, just because the cult said so. Now they have children that I will never know; lives that I will never be a part of.

    Regrets, Yep... I got plenty. I still have guilt, because I'm not shouting the truth to my family. All because I'm afraid that they will cut me off, and I'm not prepared to be alone, not financially, not emotionally.

    What sucks, is that I shouldn't have to deal with this shit, and I'll never be normal. Even if I get out, I'm not a wise choice for any relationship. I don't have anything to give anyone. I can't really support anyone, not financially, probably not emotionally. I don't even know what "normal" is.


  • smiddy

    I regret introducing my then GF/wife to this cult and bringing up my two sons in this poor excuse for a religion , when we all know now that they are/were primarily a Publishing / Real Estate enterprise that used religion to gain you and me.

  • flipper

    " Any Regrets Whilst you were in the org " ?

    Yeah- The fact that I was in it for so long. And the fact that my parents got in it 8 years before I was even born. Sucks even more. Peace out, mr. Flipper

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