Vegetarians in the "new system?"

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  • WTWizard

    Since when are all animals vegan? In nature, you have strict vegan animals--herbivores. These include most cattle, rabbits, and certain insects. You have strict carnivores. Notice their digestive tracts are designed for their diets--cattle have no incisors or canine teeth, while lions have no molars. The digestive tracts of herbivores are designed to digest plant matter but not animals. Carnivores have extremely strong stomach acid, so they can digest meat. How is joke-hova going to change this without destroying the nature of these animals or disrupting the food web?

    Omnivores, which include humans, have both canines and molars. They need the vitamins and nutrients found in vegetation, and the protein and nutrients found only in animal products. Humans need abundant magnesium, found mostly in plant matter, as well as fat soluble vitamins found only in meat and animal products. Vitamin A (and not the beta carotene, which is not effectively changed to vitamin A), D, and K are found mostly in animal product. Vitamin B12 and its cofactors (without which it cannot be absorbed) is found strictly in animal products (spirulina does have B12 but not the cofactors). How the heaven is joke-hova going to tamper with that and not tamper with the whole human physiology so we can't be healthy? Ever notice that strict vegans tend to lack energy, and they deteriorate after a few years of it? Or that they are not able to generate spiritual energy? That is what joke-hova needs to enslave the whole human race.

    And no, pigging out on meat now is not going to help you then. You will miss out on the boron and magnesium in the plant matter, and you will get way too much in the way of calories and fats (without the vitamins to process them) by pigging out on meat. Plus, anyone that can handle that now is going to have a miserable time becoming vegan in joke-hova's new world. Fact is, joke-hova is just trying to enslave us all, and making us weak is a sure way of doing that--that's why veganism is pushed so hard.

  • carla

    These posts always remind of a post from 12 yrs ago, too bad the image elsewhere made no longer shows!

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Venus flytrap, vegetarians....

  • Crazyguy

    Just think humans will have like 4 stomachs. Can't wait.

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