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  • EvilForce

    There was an elder that I was out in service with one afternoon and durin lunch we got into a discussion about vegetarianism. I am a vegetarian and have been since having a "bad experience" with meat. (I don't care if others eat it, I just don't like no judgements from me.) I mentioned to him jokingly that I was just preparing for the Paradise since everyone will be giving up meat in the new Paradise.

    This elder told me that he was sure God would create a "meat tree" or something that beared fruit that tastes "just like meat". So I laughed and was teasing him with, "What is there going to be a "T-bone Tree" a "Veal Vine" a "Poultry Plant?" I asked him if he thought God really would do something like that and shouldn't we just get used to not eating it seeing we'd be in a Earthly Paradise.

    So to my embarrasment later that evening at the KM meeting this elder had a part that he brought up this discussion we had. Of course, he mentiond me out by name, like I was someone underestimating Jehoba's creation ability. He went on to espouse his beliefs on what we could probably count on in the "New System".

    So in part of the question and answering section I mentioned that I thought alot of the bros and sis were seemingly always painting the mental picture of a continual happiness frenzy. That we would never have an ok day, they would be only filled with wonderous, awesome, soul inspiring days. It also seemed like if we just made it to the New System we wouldn't EVER have to worry about anything ever again, worry about changing our habits, etc, that by being "Perfect" all these issues would just take care of themselves. It was if I just spoke in toungues.... everyone was staring at me in the dumbfounded way that they couldn't even comprehend what I was saying. It was if the goal of "just making it to the New System" was trial enough and they were never to be troubled or concerned with anything ever again. I mean how can the fantasy of that relate to the REALITY of a Paradise?!?

    Anyone else out there have a similar disconnect when talking about the New System of things with JW's????

  • Honesty

    Most of them don't believe any of that crap either. They 'stay in' because of:



    Social events

    Sense of security

    Sense of superiority over other humans who aren't 'Enlightened'

  • bikerchic
    Anyone else out there have a similar disconnect when talking about the New System of things with JW's????

    Once I learned there would probably be no monetary trading I was so disappointed because I was just sure God would put some Money Trees in the paradise garden.?


  • scotsman

    I was fond of discussing how everyone would cope with the complete collapse of our western way of life - how we'd do without power and plastics for instance. They couldn't concieve the industrial proccesses we rely on for their production ceasing, and were convinced that J would miraculously keep the power stations burning, planes flying, and factories churning etc. They were too busy imagining how they'd furnish their lovely homes to think about the basics we rely on. It used to make some really p*ssed off that I'd suggest that life in the new system wasn't going to be immediately peachy.

    The other topic that was never popular was that attraction between (adult) siblings was natural. The only reason it was wrong was imperfect genes, and if it was ok for Adam&Eve's kids, it would by natural for a brother to fancy his sister as in perfection sibling marriage would be permitted. That one almost got me punched.

  • EvilForce

    LOL Scots....So is your brother a hottie?

    I found it to be fun to watch their faces recoil in horror when you apply their same logic to another similar incident....

    Yet another example of how we really are shaped by our current thinking and mores of the day.

  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock

    Witnesses I knew in California and Texas thought that the highest level of technology in the new system would be no more than what was available in the 1800's. Some would become very upset when I said that science and technology would continue to progress.

  • EvilForce

    But Robert...we'd be perfect!!! Why would science and technology continue....

    Evil Forc (of the Continually Happy and Everlasting Orgasm of the mind class)

  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock

    Many articles in the Watchtower would argue that living forever would not be boring by quoting how excited certain scientists were by studying one type of fish or insect for twenty years. The Watchtower would then say what if you had hundreds, thousands or millions of years to pursue your interests?

    I always took that to mean humans would continue to produce new art, music and science. The natural state of humans is to grow. Stagnation equals death. That is the mistake most of my Witness friends made, they thought of life in the new system as not living as human beings but as museum exhibits.

  • Oroborus21


    How do you like my original aphorism:

    Never discuss Vegetarianism at the dinner table. There is no greater threat to the appetite than the sudden realization that you may be about to commit a crime.--E Leaton

    By the way are you still active? That was funny how the brother tried to make you look bad but I bet a lot of the friends were looking at him and saying in their minds "meat tree? are you nuts!"


  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock

    In every picture of the new system in all the magazines and books you never see a roast or barbeque, just fruits, nuts and vegetables.

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