how to not get in trouble when addressing your comcerns about the organization during a shepharding call

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  • eyeuse2badub

    If you are in a situation like mine, 65 year old born-in jw, all your close friends are (sort of) jw's, most of your family members are jw's, you're not a militant apostate, you want to swing from both sides so to speak, I'd advise , tickle their ears, nod in agreement, thank them for their 'loving concern', assure them that you will try to apply their 'loving counsel'. When they leave, pop a beer or pour yourself your favorite drink and be satisfied that you used their own weapon against them---'theocratic warfare'.

    just saying!

  • nowwhat?

    I hear ya bro!

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I want to really screw with an elder by saying:

    "Some days I believe (insert anything here), some days I don't."

  • Vidiot
    "Do you believe Jehovah is directing his organization today?"


    ...towards their just desserts. :smirk:

  • dogon

    It depends on the Shepard. Or better title assholes. I have had calls where I could have been DFed but they were doing the we want to bring back the lost sheep. I have had other ass holes who were looking for me to say the smallest thing to give them the rope to hang me. I also think if you want to not cause waves, something I never had a problem with, then it would be best to keep away from them. They will eventually look for you to slip up and I have even heard of them making up crap to get you DFed if they think your a bad apple.

  • prologos
    "do you believe Jehovah is directing his organization today?

    nowwhat: one could say: given all the evidence, we would have to say yes.imo. because

    speaking of Spirit direction, the finest example of Spirit direction in the bible is Jesus himself. He was directed by the Spirit to be tempted in the wilderness. so:

    if you think there could be seen anything negative in observing the going- ons, that it is distressing, that would not have to be any more evidence of happening because of lack of Spirit direction,-- than in Jesus' case.-- so:

    yes of course he does , seen by all the evidence.

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