Why the meetings are boring and uninspiring

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  • no-zombie

    In the past you could blame the body of Elders for a boring meeting. But now that nearly all of the parts are either a Q&A from the workbook, scripted or a video ... the blame now lies with the Governing Body. Their drive to either make a more unified message or to compensate for the lack of Elders and Servants, has actuality made things worse.

  • LisaRose

    You have a situation where the content is dictated by the Watchtower, and clearly designed to maintain obedience to them at all costs, and where virtually nothing is spontaneous or reflects the personality or viewpoint of either the elders or any individual involved. How then could the meetings be anything but boring? I found them suffocating and could barely stand being there for much of my association.

  • Ding

    This thread brings up the interesting question: Did you always find the meetings boring or did that happen only after you found out the WT religion wasn't the truth and were trying to figure out how to get out?

    I personally always thought they were boring, especially the WT studies where the only right answer was parroting back the same things the paragraphs said.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Lisa Rose, A recent video on YouTube showed a gentleman that managed to get assigned as a fill-in speaker at a remote KHall. It turned out that he took the subject assigned and modified it in a truly honest and expository way. It took the other elders in the KH a few minutes to realize that he was not delivering a WT prepared talk. But when they did they shut him down pretty quick.

    What I found interesting was that as you watch the audience, they somehow knew something was wrong. Even though he was speaking the truth, it was clear that it wasn't Watchtower "truth" - and soon the elders were up and trying to get him off the stage and out the door. But if you listen to what he said, it was not profane, accusatory, or supportive of any other religion. But it clearly was not from the Watchtower.

    That fellow will be on my heroes list for quite a while. His brave move proved his point very clearly.


    J Viejo

  • waton

    JV2:--I know a very young speaker who in the last, no. 5? talk, (that has now been eliminated) yielded to his father's advice, admonition. The talk was on "The meek will inherit the earth- 144 000, New world etc." but he finished with the conclusion : " and is it not pleasant, desirable to have meek people around us today? " a rare quality in that congregation. scrubbed from the list. too entertaining.

  • slimboyfat

    Maybe they are actually trying to discourage people, reduce attendances, and sell Kingdo Halls.

  • punkofnice

    The WBT$ is totally sterile and devoid of any form of spirituality. There is no worship above the passive aggressive command to bow down to the GB and to kiss their arses.

    The meetings are designed to be micromanagement, money grubbing seminars created by nit picking buffoons for JW drones.

    Other churches actually worship their chosen deity. Not so with the jobos. There is no worship of god in any Kingdom Hall at all. I challenge anyone to tell me which bit is real worship there.

  • slimboyfat

    It is true, there is little worship at KH compared with other religions. There's comparatively little real Bible study too compared with some other groups. I can say this from experience.

    The religion with the same or possibly less "worship" I found was Christian Scientists. I guess I should say Unitarians too, but they have moments of "contemplation" which in their way are more worshipful than what you get at KH.

  • Phizzy

    " The meetings are designed to be micromanagement, money grubbing seminars created by nit picking buffoons for JW drones."

    Exactly Punky !

    I remember an Elder some 25 years ago telling me the reason we got only a percentage (about 75% in those days) of "Publishers" attending any one Meeting, he said "It's because the Meetings are so boring".

    It must be pure torture these days.

  • jookbeard

    the PT and WT study were always mind numblingly boring, 2 hours of utter drivel and the PT generally given by a very poor public speaker, at least the TMS and SM had more sections to it, to think I've not had to endure one for 25 years

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