My father also molested my DAUGHTER!

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  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Utah law is actually very fascinating. In the civil statute, it says that a civil action can be brought upon someone that negligently permitted the sexual abuse to occur. Though with two very important caveats.

    1st it says that it has to be a living person. Which means that I don't think you could even sue an organization as that organization is a living person.

    2nd that for the person to qualify to engage negligently it requires that the person knows or would have known that the abuse is occurring but it doesn't mean that everyone can be apart of this class. The law states the relations to the child that the person has to be in order for them to be negligent. It requires that they be related in specific ways or that person has to cohabitate with the child when the abuse occurs.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Is your daughter she getting some sort of counseling ?

  • Diogenesister
    John Davies subsection b. sets a time limit of 4 years against someone who directly aided in the abuse. The time starts to run when the victim turns 18 or when the person first recognizes that the abuse has caused harm.

    It seems like you have a case against your ex, or rarther your daughter has, for directly aiding the abuse, since he knew your father was an abuser but still went behind your back and allowed contact.

    The infuriating thing is that you and I both know that your ex would never have allowed such contact had he, and your parents, not been Jehovah's Witnesses. The brainwashing makes them see a jw mass murderer as a more trust worthy person than a worldly charity worker. In that sense it *is* the fsult of the WTBTS that he allowed contact, but I guess Zalkein knows best. Im very sorry. Unless the abuse happened at, say, a book study I guess there is not much to be done against wtbts.

  • Diogenesister
    It says that it has to be a living person. Which means that I don't think you could even sue an organization as that organization is a living person.

    I was saying in Europe there was a famous case of negligence (ferry sinking) where the Corporation was seen as a "person" and held responsible. I know case law set in other common law countries is known as "persuasive precedent" in the UK, but if there has not yet been a case in the States where a Corporaration has been treated as a person this would be an enormous undertaking.

  • smiddy3

    Sorry you and your daughter had to experience this :JaniceA has hit the nail on the head here ,

    Your dad, your ex and your mom are monstrous and your daughter should sue them until they are penniless and they probably should all be prosecuted criminally. Please put the blame where it belongs.

    I hope you find justice ,please investigate all avenues that are available to you within the law.

  • alamb

    My daughter is defending her father. I told him we needed to chat after 20 years of shunning and he ignored me. I told him he had 24 hours to respond. He responded immediately. I met him and forced him to call my father, my daughters...and 2 others admit to possibly recalling things, and the elders and police. He refused to call the elders and police so I said I would. I'm not done, I just need to know what my next move will be. He knows I'm coming.

    Sadly, my daughter isn't ready to hand her father. I asked her why is she protecting him when he didn't protect her? No answer. That part is baffling. I have to love her more than hate the religion and her father and mine. But I must do something or I will be my own mother.

    I am writing affidavits and sending them to anyone who will listen. Perhaps this will be my last battle with them. This was the original article that started it. It included photos of us.Christianity Today March 2001

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