JW GoneBad, LV101, Saltheart - Thank You!

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  • carla

    Thank you Atlantis,Vulcan and Petra for all your work! Wishing all of you a happy holiday.

  • Atlantis


    I certainly appreciate that, but we all know that I can't hold a candle to the love the folks have for you Not_Culty! You have always been on the "Top-Poster" list in these parts. You get award winning comments while I am still trying to get out of the rocking chair.

    Have a rum, it's on the house!


  • oppostate

    Thanks so much for all your time and work, Atlantis!

    And to Petra and Vulcan as well!

  • careful


    Thanks so much for the recent links. I wondered what had happened to you. Your informative posts are always welcome.

    I DLed the directories and looked them over. I don't suppose you have anything for NY that's more current, beyond the 2015 one? It looks like that latest one was put together while some were already up constructing at Warwick but most had not yet moved there. I looked at several names I knew when I was in to see if they're still there. I noticed that in 2015 David Ianelli was listed as working in the Writing Dept. (his work extension is close to others in the WD in number sequence) but there was no residence room phone number or room location. I suppose then that he must have been living elsewhere and commuting in. Do you or anyone else know what the story is here? Did he make the move to Warwick?

    I also see that Geoffrey Jackson's wife's name is Loraini (same shared residence room phone number), so statements/posts made here about him having married are now confirmed.

    There's a lot to be learned from these lists.

  • Atlantis


    Always good hearing from you! How have you been doing these days? We always enjoyed your comments and clever style. Hope you won't have to do to much traveling during Christmas time.

    I hear traffic and traveling during this time of the year is a real headache. I am staying home and out of the way of all that.

    Be safe cause you can not be replaced!

    Happy Holidays!

    Your friends,


  • Atlantis


    Now there is a talented personality we always like to hear from! You still giving the Watchtower a kick in the ass? Well good!

    You have such a good way of putting them in their place.

    Happy Holidays! ( Yes the next round is on me! )


  • Atlantis


    Always admired you for the way you carefully examine things to get the details. That's probably why you chose "careful" as a name.

    Anything for NY? You know, your not the only one looking for a NY directory. I haven't come across one as of yet, but when I do, your name will be written all over it for first grabs.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! ( And if you need any taste-testers for the Moonshine, just send me a pm and I'll be right over! )

    Your friend,


  • stillin

    Atlantis, Thank you for the link. Unfortunately, I can't seem to download the directory from there. It is labeled WT directory but I don't seem to be able to pre-view or anything with it.

    maybe Careful knows something that I don't? Help?

  • Atlantis


    I'll find you another link!


  • Atlantis

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