Comments You Will Not Hear at the 8-24-03 WT Study

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  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    Using WT arguments, the guest would probably pull out a sword and murder the lot of 'em.


    LOL, I'll see if I can work that into my comments this Sunday.

    On second thought, that would probably fast track the whole slow-fade tactic. Oh well, I guess everyone will have to forgo my comments again this week.

    Blondie, I trust you had a napkin on your head while conducting this weeks study?

    Looking FWD to next weeks study!


  • blondie

    Winston, since I am an eldress the head covering is not necessary but I consider my review just one loooooooong comment.


    Makes me wonder why they bother buying so much real estate in the US. What’s the point if the building is burning?

    Well, yxl1, I think burning buildings is why they are buying up state at Wallkill and selling in Brooklyn. 911 scared the bejeebers out of them since we know they don't really rely on God.

    During WW2, the WTS bought land in South Lansing as a place to retreat to.


  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D
    Winston, since I am an eldress the head covering is not necessary but I consider my review just one loooooooong comment.

    Ha-ha. Well then, napkins away I say, and keep the 'comments' coming!

    We have an elderess in our KH. I love her.

    She gives comments that are more accurate [to WTS belief anyways] than what the WT conductor would bring out and ever so slightly 'school' the WT conductor. After the meeting I'd see the two of them 'discussing' the WT study in a corner. Too funny.


  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    I started to investigate many of the Borg's claims and Blondie has highlighted for us the utter falsehood of many of them. Take these:

    As Christians, we (remember only JWs are genuine or real Christians) are waiting for something even more important.

    9/15/93 WT

    9/15 p. 20

    Today, the clergy of Christendom portray themselves as shepherds of the so-called Christian congregation.

    This is so much balderdash! Nevertheless the R&F lap it up!. Oh, if only they knew the (real) truth! Thanks, Blondie, for being indefatigable in persuing the real truth!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Scully

    Excellent review, as always, Blondie!

    I loved this:

    serve God out of a pure motive.

    Is it a pure motive when children are sacrificed to maintain the "good" reputation of the WTS?

    Is it a "pure motive" when a person is serving God for the sole purpose of saving their own hide at Armageddon™?? That is, in fact, first and foremost in the mind of almost every JW. They have had the message that You-Will-Not-Survive-Armageddon™-Unless-You-Are-Going-Door-To-Door-All-The-Time shoved down their throats for so long, that any truly pure motives (like love of God and neighbour) do not even register in comparison.

    And this too:

    PICTURE in your mind a family that is expecting guests for dinner. The set time for their arrival is rapidly approaching. The wife is busy putting the finishing touches on the meal. Her husband and their children are helping to make sure that everything is" in order. Yes, the whole family is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the guests and is looking forward to a delicious meal and fine fellowship. (probably because no one ever offers hospitality to them at the KH)

    As Christians, we

    (remember only JWs are genuine or real Christians) are waiting for something even more important.

    So why, pray tell, do they not finish off the illustration? So this family is eagerly awaiting the arrival of guests who never bother to show up. HOW RUDE of the guests. How long should the family keep waiting? Should the parents make the children go hungry while these rude guests keep delaying? Is that reasonable? Should they keep the meal warm indefinitely, for hours, days, weeks, months, years? How many phone calls from these rude guests should they tolerate, each one saying "I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but I'll be there real soon"? Do they throw the meal away and keep preparing new ones in anticipation of the guests who keep promising to arrive, but keep delaying? Is that reasonable?? Do they go ahead and eat anyway, because they have no idea when the guests are going to arrive, even though an arrangement was made in advance, and the guests of honour took it upon themselves to ignore the arrangements and insult the hospitality and totally inconvenience this family who went to great lengths to prepare for these rude, inconsiderate guests?

    I really would like to know where the WTS expects their illustration to go. It doesn't seem to work when you look at it from a practical, reasonable point of view, does it?

    Love, Scully

  • HadEnuf

    Oh Blondie Oh Blondie!!! (HadEnuf is wildly waving her hand in the air to catch Blondie's attention)...May I please be excused to go VOMIT now??? Please, please, pretty please??? (oh no...I feel my lunch all coming back up...arghhhhhhhhhhhhh)

    Oh how I look forward to watchtower studies now! Thanks Blondie! Cathy L.

  • OHappyDay

    It's a shame, but you have me reading my Watchtowers with a more critical eye now. I find myself arguing aloud with the statements and reasonings, then I remember that the writers are probably living an ivory tower life far removed from everyday human reality.

    The Apocalypticism should stop. We should be encouraged to serve God because we love him, not beat to death about giving up everything beacause Armageddon is coming "soon." Every time I see the word "soon" in a WT publication I cringe, because the meaning we give it has no connection with what the word really means.

    But take away the prophecies and the End Times stuff and this Millerite religious descendant, the WT Society, has no message. William Miller and the Second Adventists were wrong, and so are their lineal descendants. In the past, I remember Witnesses laughing about the story of Miller's followers gathering up on some hill in the 1800s waiting to be lifted to heaven, only to be disappointed. Yet Charles Russell and his followers were heavily influenced by other adherents of Miller, and have given out their own dates for the End, only to be similarly disappointed, as recently as 1975.

    As the title of a popular book goes, "Just Give Me Jesus." I can do without all the speculations and the Society's "traditions of men" that invalidate the word of God.

  • cyberguy

    Thanks Blondie! I enjoy your weekly comments! Thanks again!

  • jgnat

    Blondie, I love your bus stop analogy, and one I try to live by. Scully, I love your extrapolation of that silly dinner analogy. Since we don't know the day or the hour, doesn't it make more sense to keep a full pantry for any unexpected guest, and get on with living?

    An irritating WT corruption of the Christian message is that we, by our own ability, can wash out the blot of sin ourselves.

    When we notice a spot on our clothes, we immediately try to remove it. If a favorite garment is involved, we are especially meticulous about cleaning it. Do we feel the same way if our Christian garments become stained, as it were, because of some flaw in our personality or conduct? (para 14)

    What was the point of Jesus' sacrifice, if we could clean up our own lives?

    Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy people.
    Often and often had he done this, pausing to pardon even when his sword was bared to punish. Who is a pardoning God like thee, O Jehovah? Who is so slow to anger, so ready for forgive? Every believer in Jesus enjoys the blessing of pardoned sin, and he should regard this priceless boon as the pledge of all other needful mercies. He should plead it with God--"Lord, hast thou pardoned me, and wilt thou let me perish for lack of grace, or fall into mine enemies' hands for want of help. Thou wilt not thus leave thy work unfinished." Thou hast covered all their sin. All of it, every spot, and wrinkle, the veil of love has covered all. Sin has been divinely put out of sight. Hiding it beneath the propitiatory, covering it with the sea of the atonement, blotting it out, making it to cease to be, the Lord has put it so completely away that even his omniscient eye sees it no more. What a miracle is this! To cover up the sun would be easy work compared with the covering up of sin. Not without a covering atonement is sin removed, but by means of the great sacrifice of our Lord Jesus, it is most effectually put away by one act, for ever. What a covering does his blood afford!

    Spurgeon’s Exposition of Psalm 85, Verse 2

  • OICU8it2

    I love your posts Blondie. Please continue. Regards, Carlton

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