If The USA Was That Concerned About Vaccinations Why Are Sick Illegals Freely Entering The Country?

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  • minimus

    Since the flu shot is supposed to help protect others not just the person taking the shot, do you think everyone should responsibly take a flu shot? By the way, I never have gotten a shot. Am I to be looked down upon since I won’t take the shot? .. and I never get the flu.

  • pistolpete

    Governor DeSantis has called out Biden ON HIM BEING THE ONE who is spreading the virus by having open borders during the Covid Pandemic.

    He also tells the news that MANY NEW VIRUS VARIANTS NOT JUST THE DELTA ONE IS STARTING TO SPREAD ACROSS THE United States from the illegal immigrants who are coming from several different Countries, some of which there will not be any vaccines to help the American Citizens. This was in a different video.


  • LV101

    Check out monkeywerks chartered flights of various US airlines that go directly into Mexico to pick up illegals and fly them into US. Once they're here, nice, federal gov't buses, (all paid for by the US taxpaying slave) drive illegals to various cities here. Once here their expenses are paid for by the taxpayer - what's new! Monkeywerks has you tubes/videos on several venues - facebook, Instagram, Patreon, etc., as well as on Telegram. He has special clearances (X-military) and really knows his 'birds'. He shows the flights, the buses as well as flights in/out of the 'Spa' -- Quantanamo Bay/military bases for shakedowns. He's amazing.

  • minimus

    I’ll check this monkey 🐒 out.

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