I Like A Girl From Kingdom Hall Please HELP!!!!!!!!

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  • kennylazo1

    well actually im 15 shes 19

  • kennylazo1
    Btw whats the quickest way to get over it?
  • stillin

    You came to the right place if you want a variety of opinions. Some here still hold to the basic concepts of the Witnesses; paradise earth, Armageddon, etc. But they have had it with the corporate conforming thing that the Governing Body wants to squeeze all into.

    Sure, you'll be a little heartsick once you realize that this beauty is out of your league, but there are many, many others who you may find that you "click" with more naturally. Forcing things with your choice of religion doesn't do the job.

    Be you. You're great! And there's no rush.

  • Finkelstein

    By the way @finkelstein and everyone else. Do you guys believe in Jehovah?

    Speaking for myself no , all the gods of the ancient world including the ancient Hebrews were self imagined god(s) made by themselves for their own necessity, means and purpose, inherently based from human ignorance

  • Finkelstein

    Btw whats the quickest way to get over it?

    Take up exercise hobbies like running and swimming, learn to play an musical instrument, those are healthy and intellectually stimulating things that you will keep for the rest of your life.

  • 2+2=5
    whats the quickest way to get over it?

    Hard liquor.

  • jp1692

    Kenny: Do you guys believe in Jehovah?

    Fair question.

    The vast majority of us on this forum are ex-JWs. Many of us -- but not all -- are now complete atheists.

    Some few that leave Jehovah's Witnesses join other religions, but they seem to be a minority. After all, JWs are pretty good at pointing out the flaws in other religions. Once you realize that JWs are also a false religion, what's left?

  • TD

    well actually im 15 shes 19

    You understand that girls mature faster than boys? Not just physically but mentally as well? That because of this, the age gap is even greater than it sounds on paper? (My wife was 19 when I met her. I was 22.)

    Not trying to be mean here. --Just a guy who's raised three daughters.

    For the record, I am what JW's call an "unbelieving mate" (Or something like that.)

  • JW_Rogue

    Okay, here's the deal, at the age you're at girls don't generally like younger guys. Maybe, if you wait a few years but by that time she'll probably be married (that's just how JWs are). She probably just liked the attention when she was younger. I went through something similar in my teens not realizing that flirting doesn't always lead to anything. It didn't help that I was terrible at meeting girls and JW life doesn't lend itself to meeting people your own age. I would say forget about her and try to meet more girls at school closer to your age.

  • steve2

    OP sounds contrived - either that or I find myself sympathetically inclined towards the JW “girl”.

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