Wow... There More Closet Faders Than I Thought

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  • OnTheWayOut
    Thanks for your thoughts. Happy trails on your fade. I would like to say that, in my fade, I expressed my doubts to some elders in order to be allowed to resign as an elder. You say you are not afraid to express doubts to concerned elders. I would say that once you have done that, it is not necessary to ever do it again. It just increases their desire to deal with a member judicially if they have more to say.
  • pale.emperor

    i wonder how many "younger" ones are stuck in the cult--even though they have no interest in it--simply to please controlling overbearing parents ?

    for example--my born in ex wife and i had 3 kids--all grown and married with kids of their own. my oldest--and youngest--are still in--and have shunned me totally for many years. my middle one--son age 40 is out--and is totally shunned by his mother---but has a close relationship with me now.

    but--even when she ( my ex ) dies--she will still be controlling them.......if they quit the cult after she dies--then they wont get to see her resurrected into the brave new world.

    oh--in case you hadnt guessed--i hate the watchtower.cult.

    Woahhh.. what a mess!! All that family turmoil and for what? You dont agree with their theology so your own children cut you off? That's horrible.

    But youknow, what else could we expect? I've always been taught from birth:

    "those who leave are mentally diseased"

    "Satan uses people who leave to invent lies about us"

    "If they knew what we knew they'd be JW too"

    "Jehovah draws the ones he wants into his org"

    "It's because they've done some secret wrong that Jehovah knows about, that's why they fall away. He doesnt want them in his org"

    "No one is ever happy when they leave."

    "Unwanted pregnancy, STD's, Homosexuality... doesn't exist in OUR religion"

    "The fact that there's only 8 million of us is proof that we're the one true religion"

    "Armageddon will DEFINITELY come before you leave school" - (i left school 16 years ago).

    "Dont read any JW critical works. It's all poison."

  • ToesUp

    "But what surprised me the most is that he told me of a very active couple we know who've left. No disassociated but stopped going entirely. Apparently they're not comfortable with the direction the borg is going and have concerns with the backtracking, deletions and distortions in the literature. This is a couple that you'd see on convention demos, interviews etc - the kind you'd see in the DVD's telling us how Jehovah has blessed them."

    This is the stuff that excites us. Seeing the most loyal fading. It's wonderful and we look forward to hearing of more of these ones just disappearing. Poof...gone! So exciting!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    All well Internet-connected people know what's going on and do not take the WTBTS teachings without skepticism. The young are gone, they're gone, gone; physically hanging in there only due to their parents being in and dragging them to JW activities, but you can see and feel clearly they've left already. Good!!!

    The WTBTS is in huge trouble; all their old crazies who thought that by now they'd be petting lions, cobras and bears and dying off and even they are discouraged to the max.

    I'm not saying their days are numbered, but certainly they increasingly becoming like their archenemy Christendom, people will claim to be JWs but it will be 'in name only' and doing only what is convenient and makes sense in their lives. Definitely buffet style; many, many, many inside are already on these terms.

    This is the best a false prophet can expect from their most conditional followers.

    The WWW is the best thing ever invented!!!


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