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  • OneEyedJoe

    Even if vaccines caused autism at the rates found in the fraudulent study that started this nonsense, it would still be the rational choice to vaccinate your children. The likelihood of a child dying due to not being vaccinated is higher than the likelihood that the vaccine would cause autism that was found by the (again, fraudulent) study.

    Another interesting thing to note is that after the study was revealed to be fraudulent, the anti-vaxxer movement started talking less about vaccines causing autism and started focusing on other supposed problems with vaccinations - that they contain scary sounding chemicals, or that they contain a portion of the disease causing virus and are therefore likely to cause an outbreak or that they somehow prevent the "natural" development of the immune system, etc. Anytime you find yourself defending a belief that was founded on bad evidence (i.e. a fraudulent study by a later discredited scientist) with new evidence that conveniently seems to justify the exact position you came to on bad evidence, you need to look very carefully and honestly at your reasoning because it's far more likely that you're rationalizing a false belief than that you came to a true belief based on bad evidence.

  • awake!watcher

    My daughter almost died from vaccinations. Every parent should research the pros and cons and make an informed decision.

  • Tobyjones262

    The JWs were totally anti vaccine back in the day. It relaxed sometime in the 50s and 60s. I was not vaccinated as a child. I can remember some telling house holders that they can not send their kids to school if they require vaccines. The cult is and has been bat shit crazy. The idea that vaccines cause autism is such a load of garbage. Some will accept anecdotal things without thought and reject known researched facts. The JWs early on were anti main stream medicine. This is why so many of the older ones were into Homeopathy [a total Crock of crap fake treatments] Chiropractic and other holistic medicine. I knew of an older couple an elder his wife and their kids who believed whole heartedly that you need to go to a chiropractor every few months to get an "adjustment" because disease and sickness started in the bones. I had a renter who had cancer and went to chinese medicine and he was telling me how it was so much better than western medicine. He died a few weeks later.

  • blisterfeet

    My sister is an anti vaxxer. She had a baby (at home) and took him to the chiropractor instead of a medical dr. The baby died at 4 days old.

  • cofty

    That is horrendous!

    Did the chiropractor face any legal consequences?

  • blisterfeet

    No, my sister would never pursue legal action. The baby started vomiting blood and when they finally did take him to the hospital he needed a transfusion to which they refused of course. The official cause of death was very vague.

  • cofty

    That is very sad. I was wondering if the police charged the chiropractor - aka fraudster.

    In the UK hospitals do not hesitate to get a court order to transfuse.

  • Finkelstein

    My sister is an anti vaxxer. She had a baby (at home) and took him to the chiropractor

    instead of a medical dr. The baby died at 4 days old.

    Thats just more than stupid , I would think the law authorities would charge the parents with negligence and undue care of a child to whom they were maternally responsible for.

    I know if this happened in Canada there would be charges.

  • Finkelstein

    Vaccinations were once demeaned by the poorly educated WTS/JWS leaders back when the medical practice was first introduced.

    There have been certain rare circumstances that would cause other health problems relating to the vaccination(s) but those situations are rare , the practice is still used today because of the overwhelming benefits for the greater population are valid and advantageous.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Once vaccinated and "protected" there should be nothing to worry about. Why would it matter at all if some choose not to be vaccinated?

    If vaccinations truly are effective those who've received them should be immune.

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