What’s Wrong With President Biden?

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  • minimus

    I just watched excerpts from his CNN town hall event and something is seriously wrong with him. He can’t put together a sentence without getting lost, tripping on his own words, forgetting what he is talking about.……This is embarrassing. And it’s not because he has a stutter! He is simply not coherent at times.

  • Rattigan350

    We knew that before he was "elected".

  • minimus

    Worse now

  • punkofnice
    What’s Wrong With President Biden?

    He's a politician. Most of them are filth. Self serving, greedy scum that are not fit to be in power.

    Plus the notion that he's a senile sock puppet of the wazzocks pulling his strings.

    I loathe politicians.

  • oppostate

    Yup, the guy is old. But still ten times more cogent than the fake orange skinwalking Trumpolini. Even at making sense Biden outperforms the liar Donald by a magnitude of epic proportions considering the stupid stuff that came from that Putin loving traitor to the American Costitution. Yeah, 45 may hug and kiss the flag but he disrespects what it stands for and the men and women who served under it. Biden seems like he's getting pretty old and slipping but Trump sure acts like the greedy and ignorant, narcisistic tyrant he's always been.

  • minimus

    Whether you hate Trump or not is not the point. BIDEN is incapable of simply putting sentences together. He has had issues before but honestly it’s embarrassing watching the Commander In Chief flail away like he does. It’s pathetic.

  • pistolpete

    There is no doubt that Biden is the biggest idiot ever. Why even discuss it, 99 percent of Americans know this. The only reason some support and defend him is because of tribalism. Ignorant people who are still behind on the evolutionary bottom rung of the ladder, who have to advocate for their tribe regardless if the leader is stupid, mentally incapacitated, or leading everyone to destruction.

    The Real question is, who really is pulling the strings. The plan to take over America by ONE PARTY----The Democratic Party, has been so elaborately planned, no one saw it coming till now.

    They have a fully functioning Cancel culture in place, they have taken over all Social media platforms, they have the News Media advocating for them, they have the elections rigged now, the only thing left is for them to put in place a FEDERAL POLICE around the entire Country to put down dissidents and put in place a dictatorship.

  • WTWizard

    It isn't mistakes, it is deliberately imposing communism. What else can you call sending troops door to door to force people into getting their torture shots for this little tiny cold? And if you are not home or you don't cooperate at that time, they come back with storm troops to kick in your door, bind you up, drag you to the designated place, and forcibly inject you with your torture shot. This is no stupid little mistake.

    And wait until Komodo Dragon comes in to be president. We will have it be a crime to be white, along with the continued mandatory coronavirus shots and booster shots. Not to mention full Noahide Law in place. These are not stupid blunders, either.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    Pardon the off color portion

  • Phizzy

    Is Biden the real life version of "Chance" the gardener who became President, played by Peter Sellers in the Movie " Being There " ?

    Not quite I suppose, the Sellers character could string together what sounded like a profound statement. But is Biden there simply because he can be manipulated ?

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