JW's Thoughts On Legal Marijuana

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  • Tameria2001

    I've only seen one benefit marijuana and it was people who were in the late stages of cancer and it was the only thing that would elevate their pain.

  • nonjwspouse

    as some others said here, MJ used to treat anxiety, seizures, etc etc has FAR fewer side effects than the prescription drugs used for those conditions currently. The medically prescribed drugs are actually many time highly addictive too.Anxiety meds and depression meds have really bad side effect, and both are physically addictive with substantial withdrawal symptoms.

    I personally have done a mental 180 in my opinion on MJ. After finding out that MJ can help Parkinsons patient with movement (walking) I would have risked jail time to get some for him. (Though he likely would have to be told it was something else, as he was also quite indoctrinated against it's use for anything, however he did have an open mind, and if showed the current studies he may have done a mental 180 on his opinion as well)

    I'd be interested to know what deltron asked, if medical use of MJ has gotten a JW marked or kicked out.

  • blondie

    I wonder how much it will cost to keep an eye on the legal growing and distribution, and if so, how much that is estimated to be?

  • nonjwspouse

    My big fear is that the government will over-regulate, and either cause a cost burden on the growers, or on the consumers. Making a (costly) Dr appt required before each prescription, etc.

    I come from the standpoint of the government allowing "orphan drugs" to be government regulated to one supplier and one distruibuter, and the cost to the consumer is not regulated. My husbands medication for example, is closing in on $16,000 a MONTH. with the cost rising still. (The insurance pays for it, but I suspect the reason why is that someone's pockets are being lined. The manufacturer of the drug has a program that lets you get the medication free if you fall within certain income guidelines, which we do. I can't imagine the income level that would not!)

    Its the level of governmental involvement that worries me. Some is necessary to help protect consumers from bad product or price fixing. But that should be it.

  • Chook

    What are JWs thoughts on anything, their thoughts are hijacked by cult thinking. All drugs are consumed through a demand and supply chain , while their is demand people will always weigh the risk reward ratio. According to the black book he gave us all the vegetation including coffee beans cocoa, tobacco, grapes, cannabis, mushrooms, poppy seeds all for your use . All people are struggling with their directions , some need a stiff gin, some a cigar but will we ever stop judging a man for his release.

    Governments all need an enemy to justify their judicial system, as foreign lands are seldomly taken so an internal enemy is created. War on terror has people give up their civil liberties in exchange for the queens blue soldiers policing policy. Little by little they slowly cook the frog and so will the people wake up to a cult like government which try’s to control people’s thinking. As to medical marijuana it should be viewed as no different to a medical lemon tonic.

  • DesirousOfChange

    No! It’s not the same as liquor. JWs cannot use recreational MJ even where it is legal to do so. JWs have some BS doctrine on MJ (and recreation drugs and even tobacco) that connects them to “spiritism”.

    So the only way MJ use is acceptable to JWs is medicinally. And then only where medical use is legal.

  • LV101
    Some interesting points, nonjwspouse. In many states obtaining MJ is not a problem but I wasn't aware that it was good for anxiety, depression, Parkinsons -- and a drug that many could handle w/out nausea, etc. I know very little about it (obviously) but I thought I read on here few yrs. ago that some people had bad side effects from MJ.
  • Deltron3030

    I'm not sure what MJ is good for, or not. I was wondering what witnesses do in states/countries where MJ is legal for medicinal, recreational. I'm interested in all these comments though. Very interesting!


    They sent out a letter that medical MJ is permitted ( Oh thanks for permission). I don’t remember the entire scope, but I’m sure it’s a conscience matter of legal in your area, but talking about it is probably not recommend.

    Of course if your baked you probably can’t have privileges. I would definitely need to be stoned to ever go back to a JW service..


  • redvip2000
    I've only seen one benefit marijuana and it was people who were in the late stages of cancer

    Even if this was true, (that it only has one benefit -- it has a lot more), it should be enough for everybody to support it. I would not oppose aspirin, if the only benefit was to cure headaches, which of course has many other benefits as well.

    The problem with weed is just the stigma that it garnished over the last few decades.

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