JW's Thoughts On Legal Marijuana

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  • Deltron3030

    Can Jehovahs Witnesses ingest Marijuana in states where it's legal? Can they use it medically and recreationally in legal states?

  • WTWizard

    Jokehovian witlesses are not allowed to use regular cancer sticks, including vaping, even though they are totally legal. Using weed when and where it is legal would be treated no differently than regular cancer sticks. Recreational weed, as with any drug, is stupid regardless. It ruins your brain and your liver, and does damage to your soul (regular cancer sticks also do this) and your physical health. It is not worth it.

    Not to mention, recreational weed makes you stupid. When used during youth, it actually lowers your IQ. It disrupts your brain, and you actually become stupider. (I will note that using the bible for what it was intended also lowers your IQ.) When you get older, your brain is less vulnerable, but still it can damage your soul.

    As for medical weed, that is something that could be up to the interpretation of hounders that have no medical training whatsoever. There are conditions for which medical weed is indicated, including otherwise intractible pain (and it is better than opioids that are highly addictive and ruin lives). As for treating Alzheimers with weed (and, once you reach those ages, it can be used for that purpose), I find learning a foreign language can have about the same effect (though it does not stack if you smoke weed and learn the language at the same time). One good way to reduce your chance of "needing" weed for Alzheimers is to learn a challenging foreign language (I do not recommend Hebrew, because that language is a curse on us all) while in your 40s through your early 60s. Chances are that you will either never need the weed, or need it much later in life.

    Of course, the jokehovians might have something to say about learning a foreign language, except to serve joke-hova better. You live anywhere in North America, they might rather you learn Spanish (not so challenging) instead of German or Russian (both much more challenging--German for the grammar, Russian for the alphabet). And then, when (if) you develop the condition (which is actually more likely because your life is more stagnant), they whine about it if you use weed to treat the symptoms.

  • Deltron3030

    Edibles or the medication marinol. Obviously not smoking.

  • LV101
    WTWizard is right on the money -- I agree. My husband had a renown medical expert witness testify to the effects of Marijuana and it wasn't positive. It's sad so many are addicted.
  • DesirousOfChange

    Everywhere I know in the US where medical MJ is legal, it is being treated as any other prescribed drug. If a legal medical professional legally prescribes it to an active JW, the JW can use MJ as prescribed without risk from the Borg. Like anything else, if it creates an "issue" in the Cong, said "user" may not be seen as "exemplary" to qualify to receive "privileges".

  • Deltron3030

    Thanks @Desirous that's all I was asking. I have researched the effects of marijuana, and the question wasn't "should I" it was "is it." I was debating it with my brother who is a baptized JW. I told him if it's legal, isn't the same as liquor?

  • rockemsockem

    I have never heard anything from the Org on this issue. Its some what new so maybe not something they have come out on. But there are a few logical points that can be known. Recreational use would be a no no. Its has no food characteristics as beer or whine and would only be to get high so no way Jose. Used as medical prescribed I would assume be OK if used for a real treatment not just a cover to get high and vaping and smoking would not be allowed in any form for any reason medical or not. There may come a time when they say nope for no reason at all. But its used to fight pain and nausea among other things. The idea that some idiot Dr said people are adicted is total Bull shit. I doubt any Dr even said it. There is absolutely on evidence that Marijuana is in any way addicting. No one has ever ODed or died from use of Marijuana. There are much more dangerous things like opioid pain killers and alcohol that are addicting and dangerous. People who are ignorant of Marijuana will parrot this crap.

    Marijuana is not a gateway drug. The same idiots who rant against Marijuana will sit down and get a buzz from their wine or scotch and think themself's superior.

  • Deltron3030

    I agree rockemsockem. I've always thought of alcohol being the gateway to drug use, because a drunk person has loss of inhibition, and can be persuaded easier than a sober person. I think back to the show Cops, and I never remember them going to a house where the wife said her husband smoked a joint and kicked her a**. It was always drunk people doing crazy stuff, and crashing cars. I went to org and I couldn't find anything except an old book that had old info about weed. I personally feel that it makes people lazy, but not everybody. I saw a show where a 2 year old was having 100+ seizures a day, and medical mj cured her. I think that's a case where MJ should be ok for a JW. Maybe they'll release some new info, because I'm sure me and my bro aren't the only ones that are debating this.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Marijuana is now lethal ... er I mean legal across Canada.

  • Deltron3030

    Are people that smoke, or consume it in any manner, getting kicked out?

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