The Ray Franz Saga

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  • sparky1

    snugglebunny, if you have not read anything by Randy Watters, you may want to check out his website. He has a very good insiders viewpoint on the whole affair.

  • sparky1

    I have this in my personal files. It is from TIME magazine February 22, 1982. I hope this helps, snugglebunny.

  • Spiral

    Out in the western US, most of us knew nothing. The GB were mysterious and we didn't even know all their names. I remember hearing about some apostates at Bethel, but that was all. Everything was top secret and besides which, don't even think YOU could question what went on. It was all taken care of by smarter people than you. UGH!

  • Hecce

    I remember a deceased CO Nick Kovalack that made a comment during one of his talks, he didn't mentioned any names but said that some people were talking about "crisis of conscience" but that they should rather be talking about "conscience in crisis".

    At that time it sounded great and like a smart one liner.

  • Dagney
    ^^^ Good ol' Uncle Nick. We had him also.
  • stuckinarut2

    It showed how individuals are nothing in the society, but simply a cog that can be replaced....

    They never existed...they easily become "unpersons" (Orwell 1984 reference)

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    It was common knowledge in Ohio , I recall. Ray had been a pioneer in our area in the 40's and came back to give talks ( KH dedications etc).

  • Tenacious

    It wasn't until the early 90s that I learned of Ray.

    The gossip was he was trying to get only the rank and file or regular non-titled members to do the house to house preaching. Also that he was trying to subvert and take over the organization a sort of hostile takeover. At the time, I thought "wow! this is crazy. this guy is satan incarnate!". What a tangled web we weave.

    Like the rest of you, it wasn't until I read CoC that everything came into focus. More so now with the testimonies from people like the Kuilan's, Ed Dunlap, and Peter Gregerson just to name a few.

    Ray was a gentle soul who got railroaded by those power hungry maggots.

    When I first heard about this incident I thought the GB were men in white clothing floating in mid-air reciting prayers and Jehovah's bright light shinning over them as they mentally received spiritual insight. Hahahahahaha

  • Listener

    You might be interested in a Video interview with a couple of Elders from Ireland who sincerely wanted some answers regarding Ray Franz shortly after he was df'd. Randy Watters has made it available on his Youtube. There were a number of JWs from surrounding congregations that were interested in understanding what had occurred.  These Elders were prepared to incur considerable costs to inquire and even traveled to Bethel in New York.

  • poopie

    The franz case caused gb to start shunning big time.

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