The real reason 9/11 occurred (not what you think)

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  • Bendrr

    Good grief!

    Beryl I can sympathize. It seems that when some people pick up a phone, their IQ drops immediately by 1/2. I work in auto repair myself, but over the years I've definitely gotten my own share of lunatics on the phone. That's one thing I like about my current job is that I don't have to bother with answering the phone, we've got full-time office staff for that. Now I just let it ring.

    But when I used to work in shops where I had to answer the phone, I got this sinking feeling sometimes when the phone would ring. Memorable calls include "I've got a cordless phone. Can I take the phone out to the car and try to crank it and let you listen to it and maybe you can tell me what's wrong?". (answer: "no" followed by me hanging up). "I need to have my car towed in for an oil change". ("why do you need to have it towed?") A friend of mine worked at a Napa auto parts store and this lady called up wanting to buy a key for her car's engine. Seems the engine had locked up so she decided she needed a key. Then there was this one guy who called and "just wanted someone to talk to". I hung up on him.

    Auto shops get a large number of calls from telemarketers. Always some girl with a pretty voice who starts off telling me about light bulbs she's selling, or other shop supplies, then suddenly she'll stop and ask me if I like adult videos. The first few I just hung up on, but then I heard a good friend of mine in action and decided to start having a little fun with them myself. I started playing along, telling the girl "hey yeah I do like pornos. You sound pretty hot yourself, you in any of 'em?". The good ones always tell you they are. Then I drop the bomb and say "well sure I'd love some videos. You got any with horses in 'em?" "um no sir.....that'" "Well what about dogs then?!" "um....uh.....<stammer>....." "Well what the hell good are you then?!" and I hang up. After a few times of that, they quit calling.

    Beryl, you need some cheering up. Take a look at this site:

    I think you'll get a good laugh.


  • czarofmischief

    Oh my gosh!

    I fell out of my chair! I'm giggling, half hysterical. You can't WRITE stuff like that!

    Stupid people can be better than a movie!

    Thank you thank you thank you for sharing that!


  • tinkerbell82

    oh, my, GOD! i am CRYING i am laughing so hard!!!!!!

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Whenever an individual works with the public, there is bound to be weird stories to tell. Nearly all of my jobs had heavy public contact and I have a plethora of them from which I could choose. What's scary, it that these people breed, multiply, and walk among us.

    I worked in banking for many years. One "department" worked in was "customer service". In short, my job was to solve problems. Bank=money=lots of problems. I worked in a wealthy area and some of those people would come unglued over a couple of bucks of interest they thought they didn't get paid.

    However, the encounter that stands out is with Young Obnoxious Bodybuilder (YOB) because it's ridiculous and funny. So, YOB saunters up the counter and tosses his check book register at me and with a rude sneer that "we" are ripping him off. Seems he can't get any $$ out of the ATM. I brace myself for a nasty exchange and walk over and take a look at his register. Then I begin to compare his records with the bank record of transactions of the computer. Yes, indeed, something is amiss. I notice dozens of ATM withdrawls on the computer, yet, none marked in his book. I ask "Do you make many ATM withdrawls"? "Yes" he answers. "Well, sir, you neglected to mark them in your book and subtract them from your balance". AND I KID YOU NOT the guy asks astonished and completely serious "You mean I have to minus them from my account"???

    Me: "Uh yeah". And of course, I couldn't resist "What you think the ATM is, free money?"

    Suddenly, YOB loses the "O".

    I swore he grew a tail just so he could walk out with it tucked between his legs.


  • berylblue

    Thanks to all of you for the comments here.

    I spoke with a real nutcase yesterday.

    She was pissed off because she couldn't find anywhere in CA to get her five cent refund on her G. bottles. She felt we should have a list of where to take them. She had 25 bottles, and she wanted her 1.25.

    She was so vile, I finally told her if she'd give me her address, I'd send her five dollars just to forget about it. (I was told I wouldn't be monitored any more that week, so I have having a lot of fun with everyone who called.)

    She was so shocked she burst out laughing and I ended up regaling her with stories of other callers who were bitching because they took their bottles to Maine to get a refund (they were from NH or VT), and the Maine refund centers said they had to show proof of residency. In every case, the person at the recycling refund center offered to take the bottles anyway. (How loving and kind!!!) One man said, "no way", and drove his van of G bottles back to VT.

    Someone else opened the call, "I tried using your automated system to figure out how old this bottle was"

    ME: That was your first mistake right there.

    Caller: See, I bought this bottle of G.....

    ME: And there's your second mistake.

    And I finally said something I have always wanted to:

    Caller: I just love your new beverage, P.

    ME: Thank you. I made it myself.

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