The real reason 9/11 occurred (not what you think)

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  • Shutterbug

    I realize you don't come close to making millions, but you should if you are compelled to deal with nut cases all day. Up until now I didn't realize Muslims sat around all day worried about fruit punch. Apparently the do, because they are the ones who flew the planes into the World Trade Center. Develope sloping shoulders hun, and let that sh** slide right off. Bug

  • jelly


    You didn't realize it but it was probably howard dean on the line.


  • LDH

    Rosemarie!!! I had a good laugh at your expense.


    Now, I don't know if you'd already requested that dude's name and number, but I swear to GOD if you had it you should have called the police or the FBI and told them about this nutcase. 'Prolly a closet sympathizer, no shit.

    The only other thing I can think of is that no corporation would force you to tolerate that type of verbal abuse. I would have said, "I'm disconnecting the call now. Have a good day." CLICK.

    Although I don't take customer service calls (you have my sympathy there, sister) I have a reputation for dealing with aggresive callers (usually Brokers or high profile Account Managers). As you might imagine, I get a lot of requests for assistance from the Customer Service Reps that work in my market segment, LOL.

    I guess I listened to enough bullshit when I was a JW, my bullshit detector is on high alert.

    RM anytime you want to chat, send me a PM, we'll trade work #s.


    Dial Tone Class

  • berylblue

    Lisa, thanks.

    It never occured to me to call the authorities. I was going to hang up on him, but he hung up on me first.

    All our calls are recorded; I don't know if they are traceable once we hang up, though. I will find out.

    We did have someone call in threatening to tamper with the _____. They got him in an hour.


  • obiwan

    I guess I better think twice before I buy another snapple!

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    I know from my experience as an immigrant that the mass marketing machine in this country does offend foreigners.

    One thing that truly offends and disgusts me is any commerical where infants, toddlers and children are "smearing, throwing, groveling and playing" with food. I assume the intellectuals scripting these commericals believe that small people reveling in the abuse of precious food while millions starve around the planet is good for business.

    If I were starving overseas and watched american TV commericals I would hate people who could just waste food like boasting about excess surpluses while we die. Responsibility needs to be forced upon the marketing and entertainment industry, otherwise we may just anger the entire uninformed uneducated world.

    I have traveled five continents and understand the difference between the youth/student population of a country desiring our music, styles, entertainment and pop cultures. I am talking about the depressed, disenfranchised, oppressed and impoverished.

    We are seen as a consumption-oriented society.

  • happyout

    ((((( Rosemarie )))))))

    My sypmathies. Your experiences just prove yet again that I am no longer equipped to deal with the public at large. I have a difficult enough time with our internal sales reps who don't know the difference between an original signature and a faxed signature. I can't imagine what I would do if people were saying the truly stupid things they are saying to you.

    Since my husband was out of work for a while, I use that experience to hold my tongue. I just keep telling myself I need my job, I need my job. I also keep a picture of my son at my desk, so when I'm ready to fly off the handle, I look at him, and center myself.

    Try to think of it all as one big joke. And keep honing those acting skills, maybe you can be the next Snapple Girl!


  • ballistic

    I couldn't believe "Sunny-D" had no oranges in it.

  • Simon

    I have a picture of Ballistic running round the garden, souped up on Sunny-D

  • ballistic

    Please don't show it Simon!

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