Dear God,

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  • punkofnice
    trans - I'll have a butchers when I get the time
  • transhuman68

    It's a good book - funny clever & incisive. Another good book is:

    Sometimes it just takes the right person to say 'It's a complete crock...' and then you realise that it is a crock, and always will be, so then you chuck it all away and move on. Not just knowing the facts, but being emotionally able to come to a decision - that's where the anger of these 2 authors

  • brandnew
    Punk- so true........soooo true!!
  • punkofnice
    I envy those that grew up knowing that god doesn't exist. I was fooled for 50+ years. It takes a helluva lot to come to my senses after that amount of time believing in pie in the sky.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    What punkofnice said.!!!
  • punkofnice

    I've see some god vs: atheist posts of late. This is still my stance.

  • stillin

    Somehow I missed this thread last year, Punk. Good one. Why is it that people in mainstream churches can often refer back to a time when God got them through a difficult time? Even in my most KoolAid drinking days I never belittled anybody for believing that! But when I was down I prayed my heart out for more than a year and got nothing!

  • ttdtt

    I feel like all you.

    Bad enough you know death is the end.
    WORSE is that you gave a giant chunk of it to a pointless mission.

    We are like the 20 year old guy who wakes up out of a coma to realize he is an old man now.

  • punkofnice

    Stillin - I think we only get 'get out clauses' for god from believers because they're so desperate to hold on to the delusion of their hopes and dreams.

    ttdtt - Rip Van winkle has nothing on us. We understand reality. We walk in reality. We're facing reality and have no alternative but to accept it. But at least we're not hiding in a delusion.

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