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  • MrRoboto

    on the upside, its a slightly veiled admission that the songs are not about worship. you are not singing to god, but to the people around you.

    so no more "sing, sing, sing!" then?

    or "listen, obey and be blessed"

    oh and we had better vet the sisters comments first, to make sure they arent going to say what we "should" or "shouldnt" be doing. and also the non-ppointed boys/men since they shouldnt be telling anyone what to do either.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    omg. Just when you think they can’t get any more ridiculous!

    Shall we all gather to laugh (or cry?)

    I, for one, shall be gobsmacked, lol.

    It seems David Splane fancies himself a composer, and is heavily weighed down with the importance of making sure his flock sing his songs with all appropriateness, respect, boldness, fearlessness, vigor and vim, etc.

    But my god, better make sure the sisters (and children and any possible newly-interested people) aren’t singing these weighty words of instruction, counsel, and admonition aloud toward any brothers, especially those glorious ones, the princes of the earth, the stars in Jesus’ right hand! (Otherwise known as ‘elders’, no matter their age, or to little baptized boys, or toward any male, for that matter!) *gasp!*

    Can you feel the weight of this responsibility?? My gods, we should shiver in awe at the magnificent ways Jehovah/Splane/et all, are shouldering this great work in this Time of The End!

    Sing, you people!! And know and value and understand the importance of it!! But please read the fine print and caveats toward sisters, these potential (possibly powerful?) Jezebels!!

    Sisters, thou shall not sing instructions toward any powerful (baptized) male!! Know thy place, yet sing with boldness (though too much boldness may be dealt with as further addendums in future study articles!)

    Are we not amazed and thankful that Jehovah/Splane/Morris/Lett/et all, are providing their flock with such important spiritual guidance in these critical times?!? Thank goodness we have this timely spiritual food to sustain us through these momentous days.

  • ToesUp

    I was counseled by a Brother after giving a talk, that I was teaching from the platform (obviously, I am a female). My one of many WTF moments!

  • waton

    It was a sly way to slip that reminder in to sisters , hidden under songs. Reminds you of Congress, where riders, special interest packages , pet projects are attached to major bill legislations. did that happen on a wednesday past?

  • sir82

    LOL. Splane's "baby".

    Splane couldn't compose a Burger King jingle in the real world, but imagines himself some sort of musical genius in WT-land.

  • Londo111

    The maestro without clothes.

  • freddo

    I SHALL congratulate Brian J on the fact that his wife asked to leave the WT study!

  • waton

    sir82, David Splane took some Royal Conservatory Canadian piano examens, perhaps to grade 5 in Calgary AB Canada the records show.

    People with less of an background have composed worse music, to some ears. Some of the new song's melodies are not melodious , odious perhaps, but that sets the JW org[ans] mood. down and minor all the way.

    What would you have down with the mess they inherited?

  • waton

    re: shall: there is a beautiful song about shall by the carpenters, "every shall la la ---

    Yesterday once more-- maybe somebody can put up a youtube link to brighten the day.

    shall we listen to shall la la?

  • Londo111

    The best thing for them to do is to do is to open-source the music. Let people from the rank and file make contributions and keep what works.

    But's a cult. They have to micromanage it.

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