What Does Prayer Actually Do?

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  • WTWizard

    It simply gives joke-hova your energy to help it enslave the whole world under the most miserable circumstances. And yes, if you pray regarding this wimp virus, you are empowering joke-hova to create a worse version of it, or better to make vaccination mandatory earthwide, including all booster shots. (Not to mention, getting that Amazon "shot" taken off the market.)


    Meditation can lower your blood pressure. Hypertension isn’t good, so I recommend a good diet, exercise and focused breathing/meditation.

    The term “prayer” is so broad that I’m not sure what to say about that. 🤔

    What did JW “prayer” ever do for me? Nothing that I can tell, except to make me dread prayer until it lost all meaning. JW prayer almost became a nonsensical litany to simple eliminate silence.


  • FedUpJW
    What Does Prayer Actually Do?

    The exact same thing that pissing yourself in a dark suit does. Gives you a nice warm feeling, but nobody notices.

  • lriddle80

    I will pray something. Then I will go about my life and forget about it. One day that prayer will get answered in some way and I know because it's at that moment I remember that prayer! I have seen this play out in other's lives, too. Does the Spirit give us a sort of supernatural recall in that moment?

    Something else is that being in a relationship with God is a partnership. He is partnering with us in prayer. We live out our lives interceeding for our loved ones or strangers or situations in prayer and we find peace. The more I pray the more I see God working. (He would have done the same things had I prayed or not because he is always at work), but when I pray I get to participate and see the results/blessings/gifts.

    Prayer, to me, is going on an adventure!! It builds trust. It builds patience. It deepens faith. It has given me a refuge to run to whenever I have a need/concern/area that is beyond me. I am grateful for prayer and moreso for who is on the other side of those prayers!!

  • punkofnice

    Iriddle80 - Thanks for your input. I think you're quite brave giving honest comments as a believer.

    Most of the comments are from those, like myself who are sceptical.

    It's a shame more 'believers' don't give honest comments.

    I suspect it's because the arguments are easy to pull apart.

  • contramundum

    There are times in my previous life as a JW when I prayed desperately and fervently. I was always very specific in what I prayed about, thinking I could then be certain if my prayers were answered, instead of forcing events to fit past vague requests.

    On three separate occasions my direct requests were granted, one within an hour of praying. My prayers were during times of despair, never for selfish reasons, but I still felt guilty that God answered me, while he seemed to ignore people with far more important needs.

    Of course, it could have been coincidence .... 😏


  • punkofnice
    CM - Of course, it could have been coincidence

    Say no more, Squire

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I cant remember who said this:

    Prayer is nothing more than a confessed sinner, asking God to bend the rules of the universe for his own benefit.

  • punkofnice
    jj - Prayer is nothing more than a confessed sinner, asking God to bend the rules of the universe for his own benefit.

    That's quite genius.

    I find the lack of believers commenting quite telling. I don't mean that in an aggressive way. It just makes me think that if they were to consider it that it might destroy their faith. I don't really want anyone to be wounded.

    The truth is out there!

  • Judgerussellford

    I've felt prayer work one time. It was just this last March (2022) my friend Steven, aka kool-aid, passed away. At the funeral the pastor didn't show up so we all just took turns telling our stories about him. I thought to myself that I'd say a quick prayer. So I prayed that if it was HIS will that I say something for the family to let it be done. Now I only knew kool-aid, his brother Jesse and his father, snooks. But one of the aunts I had never met came up to me not two minutes later and asked to to say the closing prayer for kool-aid and the family. At that moment I felt something inside me. It was like adrenaline but if adrenaline was on pot. It was a warm feeling that swept over me. And I can't explain it further than i feel like my prayer was actually answered. So to answer the question of what prayer does... if you're a believer, prayer does the will of the father. It doesn't answer you're every want and need. Prayer is ment to address the father, to honor him, to show that we have not a like mind of our forefathers, but actually depend on him and that we know that the lillies and the birds are taken care of, and so would we be if we did his will. I asked his will to be done over a specific circumstance. I didn't ask for myself to be helped or to be put in a spotlight.. And i believe that because of the nature of my request,, I was given an opportunity to honor his name and bring some comfort to a grieving family. So what does prayer do? Prayer honors the request of the one praying if it is in line with the will of the father, if it is not selfish but rather selfless, and gives you a weird slow adrenaline when its answered. Thats my experiance

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