Anointed Directing the Anointed?

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  • Lieu

    Yep, my bad LQ. Three.

    We gotta try to remember, the entire JW sect was based on the foundation that Russell, Rutherford, etc could for tell the "rapture". They couldn't then and they can't now ... but they keep trying. Today it's simply 'SOON'!!! Like any other Adventist sect, it tries to apply a literal interpretation of themselves to every darn thing in the Bible. Sometimes The 24 is not a group one can join or attest to oneself; it would then become The 25 ...

    It's one of the things that used to get on my nerves. This "class", that "class" bla bla bla. Instead of uniting as a brotherhood, they're always separating like a clergy/laity, upper class/lower class, lord/servant type deal.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I think that somehow there seems to be an ulterior motive in laying the ground work for perhaps a change of doctrine to the 144,00 being a figurative number, and not a literal one.

    You have to remember that pretty much everything in Revelation is SYMOLIC!!! They seem to dart around that verse in Revelation about the Annointed being literal, then back to SYMBOLIC again for everything else. Should the partakers spike again for 2015 like they did in 2014, the Borg has to do something eventual regarding this doctrine.

  • prologos

    Lieu:--"We gotta try to remember, the entire JW sect was based on the foundation that Russell, Rutherford, etc could for tell the "rapture".--

    good observation, and now? their prediction makes a farce out of the anointed generation, overlapping or not. because : when is the rapture of the last anointed supposed to happen? just before the mother of all tribulations, the finish,-- Arm-a - geddon. What is the trouble with that? well, is the fall of Jerusalem, in it's second fulfillment, not the end of this system and not included in that which jesus foretold would happen before this generation would pass? but wt writers say this generation of anointed will pass well before the end, the beginning of the new. that's why it is guaranteed, it ain't true.

  • prologos

    Beth Sarim, where does it even say the 144 000 of revelation are exclusively anointed ? Rev.7 says they are sealed out of the 12 tribes. Rev 14 does not say anointed either. male virgins perhaps?

    anointed directing the Governing body coming in two batches, not all overlapping.

    1) those that died before 1918, preferably by the axe of Rev 20.

    2) those that died since, and will be dying, (overlappees and overlappers) until Armageddon.-- the bad news?

    This miserable performance of heaven to earth communication, will again try to remedy past errors by carrying on into paradise. the New World will just be the same, only more of it.-- what rhymes with it?

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