Need help in finding some information regarding the Adam and Eve tale.

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  • cyberjesus
    look for darkmatter2525 on youtube.... watch his videos on the subject and read the bible... that will do it,,, it did it to me.
  • snare&racket

    Something I considered when leaving the JW’s.

    The doctrine basically states that option A... a perfect Adam and Eve could live by God’s commands and judgment and live in paradise. Option B they make their own decisions and suffer the consequences. The free will they had was portrayed by a tree of knowledge and eating of it would declare independence from God.

    The JW’s and Christians claim that God provided free will and choice and that he is letting Adam and Eve’s choices play out. They state in the doctrine that this will undoubtedly prove that God’s sovereignty will be made evident by the results of mankind’s decision to exercise free will.

    However.......... Option A had Adam and Eve perfect with animals and land in subjection to them. Option A came with first person contact with a deity and that deity’s support. It is in no way comparable to Option B .... an imperfect pair, who are forced to have a compulsion to sin, with earth and animals fighting their attempts to survive and abandonment from their deity.

    Adam and Eve being left to live out their decision does not provide evidence of the God of the bibles sovereignty.... it is not a valid proposal to compar option A and Option B. Option B was doomed to fail..... nothing has been proven by 6000 years of suffering.

    The origin story of Adam and Eve was to be an explanation for suffering, for a gods sovereignty and an introduction of free will to a god that demanded robot followers. Did a little deeper than the surface and it provides no foundation for any of this.

  • smiddy3

    If Adam and Eve were as perfect as we have been led to believe , then why wouldn`t Eve had said ,stuff the tree of knowledge of good and bad ,i`m off to the tree of life ,and then maybe I`ll give the other tree a go .

    Or Adam could have said seeing he was perfect ,to Eve seeing you have done this thing I had better cut our losses and go and eat from the tree of life ,so what can God do to us then ?

    And if you think about it further why did God say not to eat of the tree of Knowledge of good and band ? in the first place ?

    Wouldn`t it have been more logical /sensible for God to tell them not to eat of the tree of life first ? And by God`s own words they would have lived to time indefinite .Gen.3:22

    So Adam and Eve weren`t that bright after all ,and apparently Jehovah God wasn`t either .

  • blondie

    The WTS says that Adam and Eve at that time did not know where the tree of life, and it just looked like any other tree. Of course, I think this is an allegory because too many questions and points come up showing it does match up with real life.

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