Evolution is a Fact #3 - ERVs

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  • Landy

    @ Clambake

    Should we all PM you before we post then? Just to make sure that the subject we choose falls within your accepted subject range?

  • scary21
    How can anyone not see ERV's make evolution a FACT ?
  • Saintbertholdt

    Clambake, here are topics on JWN that people have responded to in the past 24 hours:

    • Will Western Democratic Nations , someday rue the day they welcomed Muslim migrants / Asylum seekers in their midst?
    • Is reality getting a right-wing bias? (the lefts tea-party moment)
    • Results of an international survey - Love, Health, Money, Power etc, what do you most want in life?
    • David Bowie
    • Powerball Jackpot up to 1.3 Billion Dollars. Do you think the governing body bought any tickets?
    • Cannabis And the Brain (The risk factors)

    But you're on to Cofty's posts specifically because its about very solid evidence for evolution.

    You're being confronted with a paradigm shift.

    What are you going to do about it?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Remember when you were a little dub and you would litter the world with your watchtower magazines thinking you making a difference. Your daily DAVID BOWIE THREADS ARE becoming quite redundant complete with the same arrogance of most relentless uber pioneer.

    If anyone is truly interested in DAVID BOWIE, GO TO your local RECORD STORE or WATCH A CONCERT VIDEO ON YOUTUBE because this is all becoming quite annoying.

  • besty

    @clambake - you're a reasonably bright guy - start a thread with a subject you find interesting for us to comment on please.

    meanwhile leave cofty to his subject please...





    <<<<waiting for thoughtful topic starting by clambake here >>>>>>>

  • DJS


    The old DJS (circa 2015) would have said something like: "What's the matter Clambake, did you run out of old womens' life savings to pilfer so you thought you would annoy Cofty?"

    But that was the old DJS.

  • Clambake

    About six month ago an Elder approached me and asked me if I would re-start my study. I told him with the current WTS shunning policy for even as much as disagreeing with anything the society teaches, I don’t think if it possible to have a sincere discussion about anything biblically related.

    He continued to push the point till I just flat told him “I think you just hand out magazines you don’t understand to people who don’t want them to keep your family from shunning you. That is all you are about “.

    I highly doubt there is any real sincerity too all these so called science threads other than to annoy. Like I said before, if you were really sincere you won’t be here.

  • cofty

    Clambake you have a point.

    I do have a genuine interest in science. However I am posting this stuff on an ex-JW forum because it has significant implications for JWs. They deny evolution and teach that humans were a special creation.

    This is a false doctrine. Unlike other doctrines that are mostly arguments about how to interpret an ancient book this doctrine can be proven to be false with objective facts.

    Therefore it is a very valid topic for this forum.

    Coincidentally it is a doctrine that a lot of ex-JWs have difficulty getting over.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Clambake. Are you suggesting that we have a policy shunning those who disagree here? Really? Get a life. This site has opportunity for debate. If you disagree or have any evidence to disprove, modify or add to what Cofty has said, fine add your remarks. If you are not interested, go and do something else. Don't just tell someone he can't express his point.

    If you read, absorb and think about subjects you may learn something.

  • 2+2=5
    Go away Clambake the adults are trying to have a conversation.

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