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    I read on one of the posts that elders visit disfellowshipped persons once a year? Is this an accurate statement?

    While we were never disfellowshipped, we just faded away over 25 years ago. No circuit overseer ever stopped by, nor did elders check on us yearly. Guess we should feel good about this, as we do not want to give them the satisfaction of getting us in to one of their df meetings.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hmm. Well theyve never visited me. But they have visited my dear old Ma. Perhaps its a matter of whether they personally like you, or feel theres some hope for you.

  • Hamas

    Welcome, my friend.

    This is true. Elders check up on those disfellowshipped to see how they are thinking, it gives them a buzz of power to do so.

    Those that simply leave are not deemed important enough to go after, which was the case with us also.

    Welcome again.

  • blondie

    I only have the WT-CD 1999 at work but this announcement appears every year in the KM. Whether they do it or not depends on if you are in their records, still live in the territory, and they are inclined to put in the effort.

    km 9/99 7 Announcements
    õ The elders are reminded to follow through on instructions given on pages 21-3 of the April 15, 1991, Watchtower, regarding any disfellowshipped or disassociated ones who may be inclined toward becoming reinstated.

    w91 4/15 23 Imitate God's Mercy Today *** 13 In recent times there have been cases in which an elder happened to meet a disfellowshipped person. Where appropriate, the shepherd briefly outlined the steps to be taken for reinstatement. Some persons like this repented and were reinstated. Such joyful outcomes indicate that there may be disfellowshipped or disassociated ones who would respond to a merciful approach made by the shepherds. But how might the elders handle this matter? Once a year at most, the body of elders should consider whether there are such persons living in their territory. The elders would focus on those who have been expelled for over a year. According to the circumstances, if it is appropriate, they would assign two elders (hopefully ones familiar with the situation) to visit such an individual. No visit would be made on any who evidence a critical, dangerous attitude or who have made it known that they want no help.—Romans 16:17, 18; 1 Timothy 1:20; 2 Timothy 2:16-18.

    Thanks for the encouragement and also the info from the 91 WT. I guess we were not that important even though my husband was a ms and we had several Bible studies going at one time.

    However, the head honcho said that we were perfectionists when we questioned things that we felt were wrong. That must have been grounds for not checking us out. Oh, well, from what we read about the hard time some are having to fade away, we were the fortunate ones.

  • Ravyn

    you know when I read threads like this I am still struck by the control these stupid people still hold over us! Don't you think that after 25 years of being away from them that YOU might have some say whether or not you get dragged into a DF meeting? I am not criticizing you here personally---it just hit me that MY first thot was "yeah hope they don't get visited--that would be terrible after 25 years!" and then I am like "WTF? Can't we just REFUSE to have anything at all to do with them? REJECT their meetings and questions and stupid rules?" I mean after my last experience with a JW at my door who would not leave I started thinking why oh why did I HAVE to tell her I used to be one? I don't have to tell them anything! I don't have to live by their rules and accept their judgements! I can actually forget I ever was one, if I want to....(I am not talking about forgeting all the hurt...just forgeting that they think they will always still have power over me!)


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    But they don't know where I live....NYUK-NYUK-NYUK!!

    Frannie B

  • stillajwexelder

    we had instructions to visit everyone - the smokers/fornicators/adulterers --but guess what and this is true -- we were NOT to visit those scum of the earth APOSTATES -- I kid you not

  • talesin

    here's my story on this topic

    I faded. Two years later they came after me and DFd me.

    Five years later my father and another elder paid a visit to me and my then-husband. Laid a big guilt trip about my parents (don't you know you're breaking your parents' hearts, said the elder gravely) and got me really upset.

    My husband (truly one of the mildest men I have known before or since) ordered him from our home with the instruction to NEVER come back. I later (after working it through) told my father that I never wanted them to lay this guilt trip on me again. Not only that, I told him that they were the ones who hounded and DFd me when I tried to leave quietly, and how dare they come to MY home and try that type of manipulation.

    That was 1984. Haven't seem them since, except when they are hawking mags on the street corner. I put a sign on my mailbox saying "Absolutely No Jehovah's Witnesses."

    I dunno, I guess it's different for everyone (?).



    I guess if they were supposed to call on everyone, they failed in their responsibilities. There was never any indication to them or to others in the cong. that we were apostate. When I said we just faded away, that is exactly what we did. No one ever heard us say anything negative because they never contacted us again. Our only talking about the org. was within the confines of our own home.

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