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  • smurfette

    The local elder did stop at my door once a year for the first couple years after I DAed. They finally stopped about 4 years ago after I'd been out for about 6 years.

  • Gopher

    Hey Smurfette, I didn't know you were a Minnesotan too! Well let's make it 3 Minnesota posts in a row here.

    Look at the weasel wording from the Watchtower that Blondie cited:

    Once a year at most, the body of elders should consider .... According to the circumstances, if it is appropriate,

    "At most", "if appropriate"...??? It sounds to me like there is NO RULE here. Only if the elders really WANT to and consider it appropriate, would they go and try to rescue their dearly lost (but non-apostate) sheep.

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