Assembly experiences that strech the truth

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  • ShirleyW
    • When I hear these fake news stories that are manufactured by the Org. I always say , Where are they now?. or tell me the rest of the story.

      Yup, I've always wondered why they don't do a "Where Are They Now", like the show on Oprah's network. Maybe they did try to do that but found out that the faithful servants from twenty years ago who turned down good jobs and education have since seen their own new light and left the Borg.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Thanks for the clarification. I wonder why the C.O. is promoting fiscal irresponsibility and stupidity.
    It sounds like this family has not a lick of sense related to finance. I found that most problems the r&f faced were of their own making.

    I typed more and it disappeared.
    Anyway, they probably cannot find actual, good, upbuilding experiences, so they had to take this one and put the "spin" on it. And, we have learned that this is very very common.

  • deegee
    The CO had me alter my experience so much that . . . . --------Silent Knight

    One year after my baptism at age 16, I was asked to give my experience as a baptized youth at the district convention.

    I was given the questions by the brother who would be giving the talk. On presenting him with my answers, he told me that they were too long for the time allotted.

    After shortening my responses he then tried to get me to adjust the wording to be more like the WT's pre-prepared answers. He finally gave me the WT's pre-prepared answers and asked me to just use them as my own - the WT's pre-prepared answers were nothing like my own.

  • ssn587

    Yep, lying experiences is the status quo at assemblies, heard several experiences where I had personally known the people involved and the truth in those experiences was non-existent. One particular sister given as an example for all due to supposed exemplary conduct. Was screwing and eventually married to her boy friend, the marriage lasted less than a year due to her extra-curricular sexual experiences with a number of partners. Experiences at assemblies are IMO made up lies by the COs and the list giving the experience.

  • Silent Knight
    Silent Knight


    When or where do I get my T-shirt?

  • ToesUp

    Several years back my spouse and I experienced this at a circuit assembly. We knew the families very well. Both experiences were WAY OFF. We knew the circumstances well. We looked at each other in shock. One of the experiences was how this particular brothers parents were a shining spiritual example for him. It was sugar and spice and everything nice. The only thing they forgot to mention was, the son, was just reinstated a few short months prior. He was DF'd for having sex with a sister in our Hall. His parents set such a good example and no one (except those in our congregation) knew the "rest of the story." I actually received a phone call from a sister in another hall, she knew the circumstances also and could not believe they used the family as an example on an assembly part. It happens!

  • bigmouth

    My best man and his wife appeared on a circuit assembly programme and recounted their sacrifices to go pioneering in a foreign country.

    My wife and I looked at each other. Our jaws dropped.

    They'd never been out of the country much less regular pioneering.

    Seemingly, there were none present that could fit the proscribed agenda, so they just pulled a couple in good standing out and told them to repeat an uplifting story as though it was their own.

  • Gorbatchov

    So sad. Heard many of these story's. Young people who choose to pioneer instead of higher education. I knew they did not even finish high school.

    Theocratic lies...


  • Tech49

    Yes, its all true! I have seen it first-hand myself. I was on an assembly program once, and prior to the convention, we had to meet with the CO, so that we could ¨practice¨ all of the parts, and get them to his liking. We had to sit thru this for hours, while one brother after another did his part, and then was critiqued by the CO, and changes were made to fit the CO´s theme, or the points HE wanted to make.

    One brother had an interview part, where he had a couple relate some experience. I dont remember the specifics. When they had their first go at it, the CO clearly didnt like it, and thought it needed some ¨work¨, and needed to be more ön point¨. I do remember, very clearly, that the CO had them re-do their ¨experience¨ multiple times. He made them change facts many times, repeat their part, do it again, so that it would ¨fit¨. By the time we had our 3rd practice session, the experience they portrayed at the convention had almost ZERO facts in it, it was all made up fluff. I sat there just amazed. I had seen the evolution of the lie from the beginning. I could tell that several of the brothers weren´t comfortable with the whole process..... but who was going to push back at the CO??? Nobody. All went exactly as ¨planned¨.

    I have seen this personally on several occasions. Yep, those experiences you hear are mostly just propaganda BS. Filled and fluffed with lies and deceptions.

  • freddo

    I was asked to do an interview at the CA about 6 or 7 years ago where the brother taking the item wanted to explain how I had "bounced back" from not taking counsel and losing my "privileges" to being reappointed again and how it showed that I had "learned my lesson" in a "humble way". (Barf! I know. I know. - )

    The CO thought it a good example but he was interrupted by the DO who was riding shotgun at the rehearsal.

    The DO thought it was too negative and that I hadn't showed humility by resigning in the first place and cut the interview out. (That was fun - standing on the rehearsal platform in front of all the circuit heavies and being kicked off! LOL!)

    That DO was demoted to CO in 2014 along with all the others and if I have his age correct he will just about be getting put out to grass in outer fumbuck as he will be taken off of being CO as he approaches age 70.

    A nice opportunity for him to show humility!

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