Assembly experiences that strech the truth

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  • NewYork44M

    Thanks for the clarification. I wonder why the C.O. is promoting fiscal irresponsibility and stupidity.

    It sounds like this family has not a lick of sense related to finance. I found that most problems the r&f faced were of their own making.

  • zeb

    New York44M.. again related to their naivety and lack of education. and.. my wife hasn't mentioned this but I read of teller machines at conventions in the US so people can make "credit" donations.. wth! and every so often the gb have an item telling the r&f the dangers of debt!

  • loneranger

    Experience at a convention in Portland Maine (USA) about 2009...young brother pioneer ( I personally knew him and his family) worked for a technology firm in the Boston area. Owners who started the business were grads of MIT. Experience: Young brother was working there part time in some assembly operation. Owners took a liking to him,,,saw potential... and he said they offered to get him admitted to MIT (top engineering college in the USA) so he could eventually graduate as an industrial engineer and come back to work at the company full time at a big bucks job. Young brother declined! Wanted to work part time so he could continue to pioneer...All 7500 in attendance clapped in agreement and applauded his loyalty to the JW organization!! The company selected another non JW to receive their generous offer.

    Fast forward to left the company when his part time position was eliminated. Since that time he has left the JW's and works at odd jobs (when he works) in the Boston area..

    Another extremely sad commentary.

  • hoser

    A few years ago there was an interview at the circuit assembly of a brother who played on an NHL hockey team on a year they won the Stanley cup.

    Only problem was that google said he didnt. He was one of the massage therapists for the team. That's still pretty impressive but the brother doing the interview stretched it a little and the audience was under the impression that that this guy scored the winning goal in overtime.

  • Silent Knight
    Silent Knight

    I was once interviewed on stage at a circuit assembly. The CO had me alter my experience so much that my biological sister who knew the whole story said "Wow they really edit those interviews. If I hadn't seen you up on stage I wouldn't have known it was your experience."

  • LongHairGal


    I totally agree with you that most problems rank & file Witnesses face are their own making.

    Unfortunately, though, they get bad advice from the religion. If you took the same naive JWs and put them in a worldly environment (for instance, a secular job), a little wisdom might rub off on them. Whereas, if they are in a JW environment ignorance prevails unless they are around the few savvy JWs who have secular know-how, etc.

    The whole religion is steeped in stupidity except for those JWs who got education or maybe not raised in the religion.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    This is why we used to prefer going to conventions we were not assigned to. It's much easier to listen to talks and experiences of people you don't actually know.

    We had in our congregation a pioneer couple. Always crying poverty and somehow managing to get money etc from the brothers. One couple gifted them a car but they then pumped the generous couple for the money to pay the insurance. Then they managed to get a single pioneer sister to buy them new tyres for the car.

    Eventually their money pumping ways became an issue and elders got involved. They moved congregations. 5 congregations later and numerous victims.

    They used these two as an example in simplifing your life at a convention where he told us all that he could have been a millionaire but walked away for Jehovah and took up pioneering.

  • smiddy3

    Whats a little embellishment here and their so long as the point of the experience is made GRRR

  • DesirousOfChange

    The CO had me alter my experience so much that . . . .


    The CO had me alter my experience lie so much that . . . .

    Been there. Done that. And, I have that T-shirt, too.

  • jeffory1

    A good one I remember was an experience at the DA where a brother gave his experience of his 4 sons who had been at Bethel at various times The CO made it sound like his sons were all currently at Bethel. This was done with malice aforethought you might say as I was in the same cong.knew the family well and also knew the CO,,,I had a monicker for him of Moon Dog for his self righteous baying so to speak. Anyway the truth of the matter was that of the 4 sons,one was still at was kicked out for reason unknown at that time ,on had just completed and left Bethel after 1 year and the other son had done his 4 and left Bethel a number of years before.

    Fast forward 5 years and the son who had been there 15 years along with his wife was downsized and left with nothing,,they were earlier offered CO status in Latin America but choose to stay { lifetime Bethelite dont you know}. 45 years old and no skill had to come home to Mom as Dad had recently died.The youngest son hated Bethel and did 1 year in the laundry, he came home to the family which he eventually inherited,, later leaving the Org. One of the other 2 settled in Mississippi where theirextended roots were, Marriage 1 fell apart and thats the last I heard about him. The one who had been kicked out of Bethel was not allowed to come home for some time, eventually Mom arrainged a marriage and he settled in Washington State. He is a sometimes janitor after squandering his inheritance

    When I hear these fake news stories that are manufactured by the Org. I always say , Where are they now?. or tell me the rest of the story.

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