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  • cofty

    Welcome to the forum Jacobi. You paint a picture of a lot of JWs whose heart isn't in it anymore.

    Why do you think they don't just leave?

  • Jacobi

    It is an interesting question why they stay in. I'd say for a few it is because they are truly convinced and it is working really well for them. For most others they are convinced, but it is only partly working or not working at all (a yo-yo JW); I fell in that category and I think many other teenagers do. A few I suspect could pretty much put it away from day to day on an intellectual level, but they need the structure (and formalized social life) to function. I don't have a good theory; I wonder if anyone has written about this subject?

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Welcome Jacobi. Everyone here has or is trying to find their authentic personality that was taken from us by the Wt. borg. We may get under each other skins once in awhile but this is what freedom is all about. Also this us against them attitude that was driven into us by the Wt. Borg I feel is one personality flaw we all need to overcome. It is increasingly becoming a major problem in this country. This cult thinking that is not stop may well be the end of us all.

    So please forgive us if we are a little testee sometimes. This is great group of folks here who will come to anyone needing support. I have received it in many ways and I know you will also. Again glad to have you on board. Take care. Still Totally ADD

  • SAHS

    Welcome, “Jacobi”!

    You will find that there are many JWs here who have become mentally out (woken up) but remain physically in (practically held hostage) due to strong emotional and economic ties. This is my own current personal situation. I am a born-in (born in 1966) but woke up around 2001. I am kind of physically “stuck” in right now (family situation, stupid/frustrating story), but I am mentally completely out of it.

    My (former) friend Charlie used to always ask me, “Well, why don’t you just leave that religion?” But I would tell him that he doesn’t understand my situation because I don’t want to devestate my family, especially my parents. Some people just don’t get it, or don’t want to.

    Anyway, we all have to do whatever we know is the best thing for us, in our own unique situation. And we also have to just emotionally shut out the opinions and unsolicited advice from others who don’t really understand our situation or have our best interests in mind. (Which is really the hardest part!)

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