Do You Think a Schism is in the Future?

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  • joe134cd

    A schism is dependant on how much control the GB can maintain and how willing people are to follow them. Even in the face that some of their ideas are clearly wrong. Personally I can't see it happening with the way they shut down negative information amongst the R & F. However with the speed at which information is spread on the internet I can see it been more likely than in 1975.

  • careful


    R&f JW's are being dominated and controlled more than they have ever been

    Here, here!

  • steve2

    "this religion is going to have to change to survive."

    This religion has been changing so much in recent years that it has attracted so many comments from people on this forum such as, "I don't recognize this organization any more".

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    Samuel Herd vs Anthony Morris III. - A future schism

    Did you notice in the last AM that they didn't let Herd mention any nu-lite? Herd mentioned at the beginning of his talk that no new info would be presented in his discourse. Maybe he holds a grudge about that. I wonder how much input he provides to the writing committee?

  • Diogenesister

    A schism over some issue - blood, birthdays, 2 system Christians or literal 144000 - is more than possible. Cults never last so becoming mainstream is the only long term survival possiblity, and this may happen via a schism.

    Edit: of course Steve's right, it's already changed

  • kairos

    The religion is just a caricature of itself now.

    It'll get to the point, where donating money will be 'service to Jehovah'.
    Will they wake up then?

    Many will not.


    I don't see a break-away.

    It's getting to the point where most JWs have friends or family that they shun.
    I wonder how many ex JWs there are compared to active JWs?

  • smiddy3

    lglesia ni Kristo and Rizalists.

    Isn`t this an example of a breakaway movement that has many more adherents than those who they broke away from ?

    Of course i stand to be corrected here it just seemed so close to what JW`s believe.

    But then I guess so many other End Time religions also do.

    And their are other smaller groups around the world that are breakaway movements from the JW`s.

    I was told by an PO in the 60`s that the Beroea Bible Students in Melbourne were a breakaway movement that still followed C.T.Russells teachings

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Kairos: "I wonder how many ex JWs there are compared to active JWs?"

    When you add MOPI, MOPO, faders, inactive and of course d'fd and shunned ones...your talking a large army my friend...well over 5 million and risen by the day!

    :-) :-) Happy days ahead!

  • zeb

    Kairos. "It'll get to the point, where donating money will be 'service to Jehovah'. "
    and thoughtfully what will the hourly rate be? ie. I donate xy dollars then how many hours can I claim? sound silly? Only as silly as some of the things the gb have come out with in recent years.

    love t you all.

  • lepermessiah

    So many good comments - I just think it's interesting how shaky the organization is right now.

    Like Ray Franz taught so well, there is a reason they went to the GB structure.

    As someone mentioned, Ray could have taken followers if he wanted, but he had too much integrity and I do not think he would have wanted to lead such a movement.

    It is funny how much it has changed yet still stays the same. The interesting thing to me is the control by using the videos and the constant dumbing down of the meetings. Of course my views have changed significantly, but previously you would get some decent talks on Christian living, etc.....Now it's all total simplistic crap with no real meat on the bone. Every time I glance at the WT lesson for the week, i just cringe.

    The WT reminds me of Sears Corporation here in the USA right now. The store is dying a slow death, and has struggled to keep up their business model in today's world. However, they have nice real estate holdings all over the country - many in prime areas. That is what has kept them afloat. WT just recently played their big trump card (pun intended?) the KH consolidation/sell off is their next move. I am so curious how long before the war chest dries up.

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