Do You Think a Schism is in the Future?

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  • lepermessiah

    I was thinking about this over the weekend.

    Just this week, there was the "consolidation" talk (in my wife's congregation) , the article about shunning that went viral, and the annual "show your love and obedience to Jehovah by giving us your money" Watchtower. I know my wife said people are running scared about this consolidation even though it was sold as maximizing space to help other areas, build KH in other countries, etc.....

    The media and government has hit them hard in many countries, but they have gotten off easy in the USA, where the majority of the people and money reside. I have a feeling the heat will get turned up one of these days. I am waiting for a major scandal to hit the USA like the film "Spotlight" - unfortunately the JW's are not nearly as big a target as the Catholic Church.

    Now to my point - this religion is going to have to change to survive. I see no other way. My wife's hall is full of old-timers. So many people I know have just faded or left. I know several people like myself who were Elders just resigned and faded.

    I think a lot of the consolidation in addition to the $$$$$$ - they cannot find enough "brothers" who want to sacrifice their life to have "privileges"

    Even a lot of the kool aid drinkers I know will begrudgingly admit there are problems. Do you think there could ever be a major 1919-like schism in the organization again? I could see a scenario where you have a liberal/conservative separation. The interesting thing would be who would retain the power in the corporation. Like Rutherford, the one holding the $$$$ wins in the end......

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    They'll just change the name to Jehovah's Schismesses.....and no one will bat an eyelid.

  • Giordano

    They are doomed in my opinion. Their beliefs in an End Time and Armageddon makes them a doomsday cult.

    Shunning....... violates the need to be loving and careful. As well as tossing out 100,000 per year.

    The blood ban violates the need to save lives by any means possible. How many needlessly die each year? At the least as many that died in Jonestown....... but with the JW's it's not a one time suicide/murder's each and every year! They are just not spread out in a field for the world to see.......... they are hidden away in their homes and hospitals.

    The Elder arrangement violates all kinds of civil rights and exposes the members of the congregation to unwritten rules and sins they were never even aware of.

    They have the same divorce rate 11% to 14% as most high control or traditional religions have.

    They have the lowest incomes and the lowest rate of higher education.

    Traditional Black Church's have had the lowest scores in Pews religious landscape survey's. Now it's the JWs on the bottom. The Hindus have one of the top positions.....who would have dunk it?

  • punkofnice

    Wishful thinking methinks. No matter what happens with the corporation, they'll use damage control of some sort, to keep their inhuman scam alive.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Lepermessiah said, "this religion is going to have to change to survive."

    I reckon the cult is going to continue with their program of making the sheeple change to fit the org's 21st century strategies.

    R&f JW's are being dominated and controlled more than they have ever been in the history of this cult, and the hierarchy will simply maintain their "great tribulation/Armageddon" message of doom to keep them in line.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    You know the saying, "you can't make this shit up". Well, they can.

  • nowwhat?

    Something huge will happen within 2 years because they will have spent the Brooklyn properties windfall by then. And be back in the red big time

  • Teufel

    If a schism is a-comin', ANTHONY MORRIS will have his own.

    Mark my words.

  • scratchme1010
    Do You Think a Schism is in the Future?

    No. People tend to keep the same dysfunctional dynamic among them. Things will remain the same, is what I think.

  • Londo111

    Watchtower is adapt at stopping schisms before they start. Any groups have have broken away have been very small...the largest no bigger than a circuit. The cult mechanism is in place to quarantine any dissenting individuals and demonizing them to the max.

    A schism would need to consolidate around a leader or leaders from the top. Of course, in seeing what happened to Ray Franz and Ed Dunlap, Watchtower will go into witchhunt mode and kick out any dissenting leader in the street. I believe had Ray Franz chose to do so, he could've started a competitive schism. But he was a man of integrity and did not want the mantle of leadership and the harm that can bring those under that mantle.

    Even if there was an even split in the Governing Body to the breaking point, I wonder how Watchtower would handle it. Eventually one faction would win out and shut and excise the other down.

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