Beautiful Circularity

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  • eyeuse2badub

    All of this is of course based on the assumption that the Bible has anything that really matters to anyone who isn't Jewish. Hebrew mythology, lure, and legend in one loosely concocted collection of ancient prattle!

    just saying!

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Let’s suppose we humour them with the existence of a first century GB. Consider this from their article;

    The point is that the Bible does not give a complete list of names of those making up the governing body.

    There is a good reason for that, the first century GB (sic) were not a bunch of self promoting, self adulating Pharisees. They were quite content to stay humbly in the background.

  • Listener
    His inspired writings show that Paul sometimes settled issues himself. That is as might be expected back then with one of the governing body who was far away from the central body and faced with slow means of communication.

    Either the so called Governing Body work together or act independently of each other, the GB want it both ways.
  • WillYouDFme
    The Bible provides only limited detail about the composition of the early governing body,

    Meaning ZERO

    There is NO information about a GB that in anyway resembles what the org has now - NONE.

    WT says - There is NO Trinity cuz the word does not appear in the Bible. And if it was so important it would.

    Governing Body does NOT appear in the bible EITHER, and isnt that a something kinda important, something you would want lots of details about since all life in the future would hinge on these guys?

    eyesused2dabdub - 100% right - its just a bad story book that has enslaved billions.

  • Vidiot

    The WTS' circular reasoning makes me dizzy at times.

  • Steel

    Once I learned about the book of Acts, if there was any central " governing body " and that is a big if, it was located in Antioch Syria, not Jerusalem. The majority of Christians were ran out of Jerusalem after the feast of Pentecost by the Romans and Jewish authorities. The majority of first century Christians then moved to Antioch.

    Paul travelled back to Jerusalem to correct incorrect doctrine, not join a club.

    There is literally no words to describe how stupid the WTS is on this subject.

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