Some Jw's are the worst employees

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  • Foolednomore

    First off, I hired these 3 not knowing they where Jw's. If I knew that ahead of time I would hire someone else it not like I can ask that on a job interview. Are you a Jw? Sorry ! We. Can't hire you. You see the legal the mess created.

  • just fine
    just fine

    10 hour days are normal for salaried people where I work. We are paid really well and get tons of perks - but we work for them.

    I love my job too.

  • Rivergang

    I can readily identify with what just fine says. Over the last 44 years, I have worked at all levels in the industry from labourer to senior management. Almost without exception, salaried staff (roughly middle management and above) were expected to work as many hours as required in order to get the job done. While the official working week around here is 38 hours, it would not look too good at your annual review if, each day, (as a salaried worker) you walked out the door after only 7.6 hours.

  • Simon

    There are two groups of people at most companies. Those who work really really really hard, and make themselves irreplaceable and indispensable ... and those that get promoted.

    Hard work is for idiots and losers. Always work smarter, not harder.

    Many managers will prefer to keep the hard worker doing what they are doing. Why wouldn't they? Enjoy your years of hard work ...

  • Rivergang

    My great-grandfather always maintained that “only fools and horses work”. (Not that it ever did him a lot of good!)

  • Rivergang

    Coming back to the actual topic of this thread, many of the things about being a JW I don’t at all miss! And prominent amongst these is that all to common attitude of “I can do whatever I like to you, and you have got to forgive me.”

    Not hard to imagine how that would cause problems in the workplace!

  • Foolednomore

    It's true there is good and bad in all. But Jw's stress how they are the best this and that. Especially an elder. He can't work his assignments and wants to knock off early when my partner and I are not at the office. Gives his underwriting work to the sales/marketing guys. I think I should make my sales guys underwriter s and demot the elder to sales and marketing. Since he needs shorter days.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    It's true there is good and bad in all. But Jw's stress how they are the best this and that.

    Its true that if you base it solely on their teachings, JWs represent themselves as the best employees while this isn't true. I'd say that while there are many differences among individuals, if you treat them as a group, you will see some common patterns. Some positive, some negative.


    • They usually dress well, clean with good hygiene
    • Don't use foul language, polite and very often encourage others to do good.
    • Honest and reliable. They often take pride in being good to the specific role that they have within your company.


    • They often uphold the rules/law to a fault. If a company’s rule says one thing, they will blindly follow it without asking first if its either moral or even practical. They will use the law at their advantage if they see an opportunity, even if they know its not “right”.
    • They avoid making friends at work and don’t participate in social gatherings, impacting team spirit.
    • They will preach to their co-workers. Sharing your belief at work is not bad in and of itself. However, even though they don’t realize it, their approach is often condescending. This also impacts team spirit. Just take a look at WT produced videos of such “fine examples of preaching at work” to understand the issue.
    • They will tell on other JWs who they suspect might be doing something wrong at work, bringing external religious influence into your company
    • They are not invested in their professional career, they boast “working class”. While this isn’t a problem in and of itself, if you have too many JWs in your company, it will limit your ability to promote from within.
    • They often equate reproach with religious persecution.

    Of course, these are broad generalizations. But then again, many of these observations can likely be attributed to other religions as well; such as the Mormons, Muslims, Adventists, Pentecostals, Baptists, etc. Are you going to filter them out? Nonsense! People are people and all come with their set of flaws and set of advantages. One thing for sure though, they are not the “best employees” in the world… far from it.

  • LongHairGal

    JEFF T:

    Regarding them being tenants:..I’m astounded at the nervy JWs you mentioned who just ‘showed up’ with their crap in a U-Haul after ignoring you about signing paperwork about the deposit, etc. They must’ve imagined they would just slide on by and you would be ‘put on the spot’. I’m glad you made them pay up. They finally left at some point. Good riddance.


    It would appear the negatives outweigh the positives with JWs. Anything ‘good’ about them, it would seem, is really superficial: conservative dress, no profanity, seemingly respectful..But, that’s where the good ends, in my opinion..Get ready for all the problems and issues related to their beliefs and the warped view of the world and loyalty to a secular employer (as in they don’t have any) as discussed in posts in this thread.

  • shadowclone

    I'm sure that most businesses would prefer employees that are really good at parties and steal whatever they can compared to employees that don't know how to party and don't steal. What a bunch of loaded crap!

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