Some Jw's are the worst employees

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  • Foolednomore

    I found a company and employed an elder as an underwriter and two MS as Sales and marketing. Anyway, this elder will delegate his work to the MS in Sales and Marketing, so he can go home early. He knew when he got started that this would be a 10 hour a day job with some Saturday. Talk about pulling rank in the work place. My partner and I will have a meeting with this employee soon. As for the two MS that he delegated his work to. I told them that they need to work on their on work. And tell him to do his own work.

  • pontoon

    JW's may also be not good tenants, especially if they are pioneering. They think they deserve everything for nothing.

  • shadowclone

    And some JWs are the best employees. Some are thieves and some aren't. Some cheat on their mates and some don't. I guess they are just people. What a shocker!


    Our congregation had a former Bethelite who worked at the New York headquarters as a heating and air-conditioning worker. He joined our congregation and quickly got married.

    He opened up his own heating and air-conditioning company. Little by little, he had plenty of work from our congregation. He was caught many times using old parts and billed them as new parts. My father and uncle called him on the used parts. He denied that they were old, used parts. We called a friend of ours who also was in the trade. The parts he was installing were used parts from other jobs. No one trusted this ''former Bethelite'' any longer. The only thing that saved his ass was that his father-in-law was an Elder.

  • LongHairGal


    Whether you want to admit this or not…because of the tenets of the JW religion, an employer or whoever is MORE likely to get stuck with somebody who is a dud as opposed to a so-called worldly person, in my opinion.

    Yes, while it’s true that you can find bad types of people in the general population, you are at a greater risk to run into this with JWs. I can give several reasons why: “”I’m your brother and you ‘owe’ me either a freebie, a discount or whatever. And if I’m irresponsible and not-so-bright, So What? You still have to tolerate me. If I do wrong, Too bad! You must forgive me””. Oh, and what about somebody who reveals a confidence and causes an employer to be sued?

    I can only imagine nowadays with all those bethelites who got kicked out and Witnesses with businesses hiring some of them. What happens if the employee screws up or is not wanted anymore for any number of reasons? Is the brother with the business supposed to just tolerate and keep on somebody who is at best useless or at worst a liability?

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I have been an employee, a workmate and an employer of jws over the years.

    Most are ok, but there was definitely an air of entitlement amongst the pioneers.

  • waton

    the level of competence and seriousness about work , forbid excellence, is not there, because kingdom interests is what really matters.

    Paul's words: dont sue your brother, let yourself be defrauded instead ! ! wt land in some ways is the closest to first century christianity.

  • Phizzy

    I had an Employee who I had to warn he was in serious trouble, and if he did not do the right thing, I would take him to Court.

    He smugly replied " We don't take our brothers to Court" . Even though I was a believer fully at the time, and risked the wrath of the Elders, I immediately replied " I DO ! and I WILL!"

    The little shit did the right thing, so I didn't have to, but trying to pull that one on me made me so angry, that I would have taken him to Court.

  • Simon

    I worked somewhere once where someone mentioned that the JWs couldn't work over Christmas due to their religious beliefs. Yeah, of all the religions ...

    Someone obviously didn't want to work some shifts and didn't see any problem with lying to get what they wanted.

  • Biahi

    That’s why, aside from babysitting jobs as a teen, I never worked for Witnesses.

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