Attractive Sisters: what are you lurkers thinking right now?

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  • pomo6780

    Dear lurkers, you won't be disappointed by this topic.

    When I was in the org, there was a strict dress code. No woman was attractive, and when I was a young witness child I was conditioned to believe every woman in the world must be ugly. So I had no hope of changing. Or so I thought... thank God for puberty.

    There was a time in society when slim or skinny was considered beautiful. When I grew up, gradually it was more publicly acceptable to have fetishishes for different body types.

    I began to find curvy women with bigger areas more attractive than slim ones. I lusted both however, depending on what she looked like and her personality traits. Was I normal? I prayed and prayed as I felt I was sinning against the Big J. I viewed porn sites and I woke up, viewing exjw sites too. I realised God could not view me as important, so I left the Borg.

    I miss all those beautiful women, married and unmarried. Oh if only I formed a relationship with at least one, my dream would have come true. All those sexy, gorgeous women trapped in the cult don't realise what their wasting their lives to. Their 'living in purity' makes the suppression stronger and heightens their chances of escape.

    But sadly, the GB's stand on 'seeking first the Kingdom' has moved many beautiful women to sacrifice marriage or great sex to serve where the 'need is greater', as missionaries, at Bethel or in the pioneer service. They've given up higher education for going to worldwide construction, Evangelizers school or Gilead. Some even hope to have their children in the paradise, for something that will never come and they will never know they never had a chance in any lifetime for it.

    Dear women who submit to the Watchtower under the oppression of your husbands or parents, I beg you, don't put your life for something for nothing. Do what will make you happy and you'll never regret it. Do not lend your beauty to the Borg, lend it to those who will love you.

    Your friend POMO6780

  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol

    I mean I wouldn't say it's the biggest priority but ok

  • oppostate

    Obviously you never went to a Spanish congregation!

  • pomo6780

    Jehovah lol,

    What on earth are you talking about? They're trapped.

  • pomo6780


    In that case let all latinas revolt!

  • waton

    porno 6780: It is stupid to lust and go after married woman. man! but

    The subtlety of the wt is , that it really is, in away, a delayed strip club. It is a giveaway for ladies to go to a beach, and reveal all in a bikini, or sleep with men before marriage!

    The wt - imposed subtlety is, that you see the well adorned, but minimal - exposure package first, and only gradually, until the denouement* before the climax on the wedding night is the trip really over. (for a moment).-----* from the french word "nu"= naked

    Woman get a special jolt in their first sexual experience. The blood - stained displayers of the wedding bed sheets are old fashioned, but not stupid. They have bet on a stable marriage with a bonded woman. Pimps get such a hold on their "stable" because they trap these young ladies into dependancy as virgins. The police often can not free these victims of human trafficking because they are, from day one, so emotionally bonded to their keepers.

    Wt moral enforcement, stable of attractive, protected prospective mates, is their greatest attraction.

    It is better to travel than to arrive!

    ps: By all means go to a Spanish congregation, or Tagalog , look at the really vivacious beauties, and the family, mother, to get the whole picture.

  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol

    Your motivation for wanting to empower these trapped women seems a little questionable

  • tiki

    Huh?? Go back and eat some more cookies dude...

  • Divergent

    Attractive sisters??? There were just a handful in my whole circuit! There were literally only 5 sisters who I felt were truly attractive out of a circuit of around 400 people! And out of the 5, 3 of them are married. So being a teenage boy with raging hormones, JW land was not a good place for me to be

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Sorry you never went after any of them. I dated someone that looked a lot like Yvonne Strahovski for a while, we used to sneak off to a nearby cemetery at night. She was very much “goth” without explicitly dressing like it. I actually had a hard time watching Chuck after we broke up.

    All my girlfriends and two wives in the org were “pure” but not too hard to convince spending some alone time without the chaperone. Me and my first wife actually slept together quite a bit during our engagement.

    They were all pretty and aware of how to dress to appeal. I even almost had an affair with a hot Russian JW chick, we went to clubs me and my wife and her and her husband and man, she could grind, had we had any alone time at some point, I don’t think either of us would’ve held back.

    I know it can be hard to approach if you think they’re all puritans but trust me, very few of them actually take it to heart.

    On one end, except for my last wife none of them are in anymore and even she is only there for family reasons. The normal urges are impossible to suppress forever I suppose.

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