Attractive Sisters: what are you lurkers thinking right now?

by pomo6780 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Outahere
    Obviously you never went to a Spanish congregation!


  • vivalavida

    I have to laugh... obviously you never went to some of my Spanish congregations! Lol... the question is a Spanish congregation WHERE?

    I started and spent all my JW life in Spanish congregations in many different countries and of many different social and economical levels. Many in Latin America (Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico), several in NYC and a couple here in Germany. And in my opinion, it is not necessarily the attractiveness but more the ability to present themselves in an attractive way.

    But I must say that there were a complete range, going from amazingly beautiful to ugly as !"$!.

    In fact, when new galaadites were assigned to our territory and they happened to be females and young, we found them attractive. I guess we felt attracted to the fact that they were different which, probably is what happens for Americans visiting Spanish congregations in the US.

    Just my 2 cents!


  • ttdtt

    Promo dude? I know of almost NO very attractive women who were not married in the ORG.

    None become missionaries or go to bethel if not married, and pioneering just makes them more eligible and usually give them more access to other brothers too.

    Your other statements confuse me too.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Montreal area sisters, many are model beautiful. Usually snapped up quick by their early twenties and paired up with the best looking males. Then you get the leftovers : divorced, never married or big bossy types. Sad situation really. I could of gotten married a handful of times but the whole 'Spirtitual Routine'™ thing wore me done till there was nothing left to give. Good thing I stayed single in retrospect so I have a cat hehe..

    Pomo : Yes for myself being the workaholic metal workshop owner operator being in JW was by far the one time in my life where I got the most exposure to attractive well dressed nice smelling women. The whole experience was bittersweet.

  • pomo6780

    Jehovah lol,

    I thought I'd touch on this a topic in an unusual way to see everyone's reactions. Of course, I have no pervy intentions. I don't wish to indulge my precious time in illogical fantasies.

    Here's to you.

  • pomo6780

    From previous experience of my former life in the Org, I have come across many attractive women, married and single.

    The subject of looks is an easy catch for women. They are wired to make themselves attractive. To make them realise that the whole world appreciates them rather than simply this community of peddlers, is an easy way of drawing them to TTATT. I sent an inactive 'sister' a letter ages ago directing her to the jw facts website, the part on women submission. She hasn't returned to the org since...

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