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  • OnTheWayOut

    So I would love to hear and make more comments here on how "self-brainwashing" is done in Jehovah's Witnesses and how it becomes a problem when trying to wake up our loved ones.

    Leah Remini was on Bill Maher's show on Friday, Feb. 17th. She had some great comments about things said on her series about Scientology. One was how members are "self-brainwashing" because they spend some hours every day doing self-study. Another great thought from Leah was “I’m in a tough position, because on one hand I’m attacking this cult and at the same time I know that the people who are still in are under this spell of doing good for the world because that’s what the organization is disseminating. ”

  • waton

    commenting at meetings, refuting objections in the "ministry" are ways that jws brainwash themselves, ( it is actually not a wash, but self contamination with fables, talking snake,--)

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Totally agree, being somewhat OCD I admit to trying to brainwash myself through listening to dramas in my car. Over and over again, that and real life experiences. I never really did 'get it' as one born in JW friend of mine put it. As previously mentioned in another thread I thought it was my lack of faith, knowledge, Holy spirit etc. As a convert at that point in my life I 'needed' it to be true. Suffered major cong. dissonance to the point of becoming severely depressed. Then I woke up. :-) Am now simply a Biblical Christian, works for me.

  • OnTheWayOut

    waton, all good points. Continuous self "contamination."

    Introvert 2, I used to listen to WT and Awake on cassettes when cleaning car dealerships at night- over and over again. I hated it and stopped after a month. Similarly as a convert, I had reasons to need it to be true and didn't question it for a long time.

  • OnTheWayOut

    My wife has reached a point in her "personal study" where she covers material on the fly. While I am driving and listening to Pink Floyd, she breaks out her Watchtower. At home, watching comedy on television, she breaks out the laptop and covers their crap.

    But she is still doing the self-brainwashing known as repetition and coercive persuasion. She doesn't care to do her studying, but has been convinced that it must be done.

  • NVR2L8

    One of the turning point for me was when I whispered an answer to my then 5 year old granddaughter during the WT study so she could put up her hand and repeat the made me realize that the only difference for me was that I read the answer given in the magazine. Saying it in my own words still never made it my answer...

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    As everyone here knows, there are many many close parallels between Scientology and Watchtower theology. I hope so much that one day someone with enough celebrity to attract a wide audience will expose the Watchtower the way Leah Remini has exposed Scientology.

    Every cult I have ever heard of uses "self-brainwashing" to keep control of its members. It's a matter of psyching yourself out to keep believing what you've already decided to believe. It's not really study or research at all. It's nothing short of self-imposed indoctrination.

  • OnTheWayOut

    NVR2L8, exactly. You started the process for the 5 year old- just repeat the answer they want to hear. And saying their desired answer in your own words is definitely a way to self-brainwash.

    Under the radar, I would love for Venus and Serena Williams, Larry Graham, and maybe Damon Wayans to have a series on A&E on the JW's. Maybe Damon will consider it to boost his career.

  • flipper

    Great thread my friend, thanks for posting it. My wife and I watched this interview the other night , and I just watched it again on your you tube to remember some points. Really good interview.

    I feel the self brainwashing by JW's is done even if they never pre-study or underline any answers in their WT magazines. Just by BEING at and ATTENDING the meetings their minds get indoctrinated from the WT Society's " world view " of everything. For instance : If WT says inactive or dfed JW's are " dangerous" to them - then this message gets drilled into rank & file JW's neurotransmitters in their brain through fear indoctrination and it becomes not just a psychological type of mind control- but really a physiological type of mind control that will not leave a JW's brain until they are completely, totally away from meetings, service, commenting- the whole 9 yards. Until that happens- the WT indoctrination will remain within that person depending on how much either a greater extent with more WT exposure or a lesser extent if the exposure becomes minimal.

    The danger is that the WT Society CHANGES meanings of words - just like Scientology does. For example : The word " worldly " in the REAL world has a positive connotation denoting someone who is worldly wise or educated, informed, savvy, a person who has been around and isn't easily duped. In the WT world- the term " worldly " is looked at as negative - someone who is immoral, dangerous, Satan inspired, demonic, disapproved by God, someone who will turn a JW away from what they perceive as " the truth " . So- therefore the cultish , paranoid JW behavior is understandable with THAT kind of indoctrination. Which has no bearing in reality.

    Which makes it difficult to reach JW's because as Leah stated cult members are " under this spell of doing good for the world " . Which is exactly how the WT Society controls JW's - that they THINK they are " doing good " when in fact the reality is the message the WT Society wants them to spread actually divides, splits, and tears families apart into shreds until there is no united family at all. Same as the Scientologists. It's a fake message in which hopes promised- never get realized. Anyway- just some ideas and thoughts there, kind of how I see it having been born and raised in this crap since birth and exiting 14 years ago. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • AllTimeJeff

    For me, this resonates!

    I think they called it "Personal Study". (do they still call it that? lol) No one came to a meeting once I bought in with a more marked up piece of literature than me. Every scripture looked up and noted. Color coded. I was every bit self brainwashed.

    Then I would read those damn life stories in the WT about missionaries and CO's. When that is your reward system, of course you're going to set that as a goal. And to think I did it to myself...... :(

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