Was It Really Mental Illness or Was It The Demons?

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  • steve2

    Come to India and see the religions here, especially Hinduism, an you will go crazy with their obsession with spirits and demonism.

    Typical Western misrepresentation of Hinduism. The Hindus I know - and my partner, a Singapoerean Indian, was raised in a Hindu household - would reject such nonsense.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Apparently the GB has gotten their "education" regarding Demons from way too many viewings of Ghostbusters I, II and III. Demons do not attach to non-living objects; Demons enter into living beings generally by invitation.

    I've always wondered why the witnesses are reluctant to "lay on hands" and prayerfully request that Demons be relocated. Perhaps because WTBorg Cult Inc. finds that Demons are very useful to their Mind Control techniques. It seems The Cult has a large bag of tricks that are used to generate fearful obedience to their twisted non-biblical dogma.

  • Drearyweather
    Typical Western misrepresentation of Hinduism.

    I am an Indian, so I live, work and breathe among Hindus. Come here during Durga Puja or any Hindu house warming ceremony (just one example) and see yourself the lengths to which people can go to appease or resist wicked spirits. Hinduism in western countries is no where near the Hinduism that is practiced in its land of origin, India.

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