Was It Really Mental Illness or Was It The Demons?

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  • ShirleyW

    The Dubs have to be only religion (cult) on the planet that are so obsessed with demons. If I wasn't raised in this nonsense I wouldn't even know what a demon is. Being told you shouldn't buy from yard sales and all their made up lies that I can remember about some sister bought a sofa or chair or something and all the sudden their hearing noises at night or the table started shaking.

    Just as crazy as the Smurf story, with the little smurf running up the aisle at the KH cursing all the way, as ridiculous as that is, some Dubs will swear it actually happened.

  • Drearyweather
    The Dubs have to be only religion (cult) on the planet that are so obsessed with demons.

    Come to India and see the religions here, especially Hinduism, an you will go crazy with their obsession with spirits and demonism.

  • smiddy3

    So in reality then the bible accounts of demon possession are not demon possession at all but are in fact a case of mental illness experienced by the individual in question.

    That makes a lot more sense to me than Demon possession .

    Their were a couple of "sisters" in my congregation`s ( x2 ) who swore they were being raped by the demons and went to the Elders about it.

    I have no knowledge of the outcome of such investigations by the JC committee.

  • punkofnice

    Mental illness. Over active imagination. Attention seeking.

    Certainly not Demons........they don't exist.....like Unicorns and the Tooth fairy.

    I'm miffed about Unicorns though....they're cute with their purple and pink fur and glittery horn.

    I'd say a lot of it was simply attention seeking from what I saw when I was a jobo.

  • pale.emperor

    I used to love hearing demon stories. They were always happening to "a friends mother" or "my mothers, cousins, aunt" never a first person account.

    My sister claimed she saw a demon on two occasions. Funny thing is she never mentioned it until i claimed that demons dont exist. Then my older brother often told the elders that he heard voices and saw demons all the time. One time they even told him who would win the Eurovision song contest. I mean, all that power and knowledge and they giving my brother the Eurovision results. Sure, it was within the last 2 minutes when Finland were 20 points clear but still...

    The elders and my family lapped it up. Here was conclusive proof that the demons did in fact exist, and therefore God must exist too.

    The fact that a year later my brother was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic didn't seem to change the mind at all on the matter.

  • Xanthippe

    My Mum threw so much stuff out because of 'demons'. Some lovely blue and white china I remember which might have been Spode, handed down from her family. Clothes people gave us, which we really needed! All thrown out when she got the idea they were demonised. She could have sold that china and bought badly needed food for goodness sake, but no you can't hand the demons on to someone else, that's not Christian. Sigh!

  • punkofnice
    Xan -My Mum threw so much stuff out because of 'demons'.

    Superstitious cult, no less. They say they're not superstitious but...........

    I was terrified of demons(tm) when I was a child growing up. What a stupid cult.

  • minimus

    Raped by the demons, huh? 👹👹

  • minimus

    We used to buy a lot of clothes from Goodwill when I was a kid. We would keep our fingers crossed, hoping we wouldn’t arouse the demons by our purchases!

  • deegee
    Raped by the demons, huh? ----minimus

    A.K.A. Incubus and succubus attack:


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